Gen Z – shaking things up in the world of work

Once upon a time, people worked hard in the expectation that they would be rewarded either in satisfaction (for a job they loved) or in cash and status. But those born between 1997 and 2012 – AKA Gen Zers – are reimagining the rules. They’re being highly vocal with their many demands and, it seems, they might just be determined enough to shake things up for everyone.


So says a recent article published by the BBC. Other interesting points it raises on the matter include:


Gen Z workers want and expect to have it all. They’re willing to work hard for the right employer to achieve a big salary, a good work/life balance, the flexibility to work remotely and career development opportunities (in that order). They also demand value alignment (including social and environmental responsibility), mental health benefits, a diverse and inclusive environment, and much more besides.


If their expectations aren’t met, Gen Zers are more than happy to walk away. Research on the financial impact is, surprisingly, on their side. In comparison to those who stay put, the UK’s Office for National Statistics found higher wages were a key perk of job-hopping.

Gen Zers and Millennials hold many of the same workplace values but the former group seems more willing to act on them. The digitally-connected world into which they were born – which drives awareness of the range and volume of work possibilities as well as of social justice and environmental movements – is likely to account for this.

as Millennials with similar values to Gen Zers become leaders, and the current competitive work market forces companies to yield to some worker demands, Gen Z is likely to get its way, at least partially. Everyone will benefit from the fallout although it may take some time to take effect. That said, government legislation or union pressure would arguably be more effective in improving wages and establishing more defined work/life boundaries than the sum of individual Gen Z actions.


The above points just scratch the surface of this in-depth BBC article but we hope that they have provided interesting food for thought. If you’d like to discuss the workplace motivations and demands of Gen Zers, Millennials or any other generation, please get in touch. Since we meet all our candidates, we have profound insights into their values, needs and expectations. This is just one of the reasons why we can so quickly and effectively match your job openings to perfect-fit candidates. Please contact us at or 020 7092 3911 to learn more.