Companies showing employee appreciation

Employee recognition is such a vital part of the day to day work. Now we could talk all day about why it is important and give you examples of ways you can show your employees that you appreciate what they do. We do however need to keep you focused on this one message we want to share.

Employee recognition is your secret to company success.

To keep it brief we want to tell you that if you aren’t already thinking of ways to show your employees you appreciate what they do, then you’re going to be behind in the recruitment market.

It’s fair to say that employees are what makes companies run. You could have all the clients in the world but what use are they to you if you do not have the infrastructure to keep them on board?

The thing is, showing recognition can be such a simple thing to do and can be of little cost to your business, but it can score points with your employees as well as raise morale.

Appreciation is a fundamental human need and employees often respond to acts of appreciation with gratitude and a feeling of belonging. The recognition of an employees hard work confirms that their work is valued and will then return this kindness with their satisfaction as well as the rate of productivity rises as they become more motivated and look to improve their good work. One last point for the encouragement of employee recognition is the fact that appreciated staff will stay! Think of how much it costs to hire new staff, not just in money but also in hours and manpower. How long does it take someone to get to know a new job, a new role and a new environment? The costs of keeping an existing staff member are far lower and less risky than hiring someone completely new. If an employee feels appreciated and valued, they will stay with your business and will be happy doing so.

We want to celebrate with you five companies we think are doing an amazing job showing their employees how much they care. They not only talk the talk but also walk the walk when showing the rest of us how we should be treating our employees.


This company not only ranked number one ‘super-large’ workplaces 2019 awarded by Great Place to Work, they also regularly promote employee recognition through perks such as providing free snacks and beverages every day. They have opened schemes to reward staff such as the referral for hires scheme, where an employee makes an employee referral and when placed they are rewarded with cash incentives. They also show appreciation for the staff who’ve made a referral but not had them placed, where they still receive a prize.


Eventbrite was ranked 21 in best small company workplaces on the same ranking. They foster a close-knit bonding work atmosphere through work outings incentives such as breakfasts, biking trips and regular outings to the local trampoline park! Evenbrite’s office has been described as encouraging a ‘bring your pet to work day’ every day as well as providing staff with monthly fitness and wellness packs, free snacks throughout the day as well as access to Lego at work!


Paypal being a large company has plenty of freedom to play around with boosting staff morale. They do this quite epically through their workspace. One main office for the company features a recreational room on each floor, with games, entertainment and snacks. Then there is their encouragement of their staff to participate in charitable and sporting events. Paypal also have a programme called MOOLA (Make our office lives awesome) where employees are able to give a gift to their colleagues who have been pleasant and shown an act of kindness.


Kantar put a lot of effort into their staff recognition by focusing on incentives that look to improve their employees health and wellbeing. From running events, discounting gym memberships, offering employee counselling and other health related schemes, Kantar are ensuring that their staff are holistically being taken care of. They’ve really listened to the concerns and daily stressors of their employees and put together practical benefits that help ease some of their staffs day to day pressures, such as income protection, health insurance, flexible working and childcare vouchers.

Innocent Drinks

We’ve been so excited to talk about Innocent Drinks because they seem to embody what a cool and socially aware businesses should be doing. They not only have a cool office to work in – a way of saying thanks to their employees who practically live at work! They have slides, games areas and fun and eclectic decor to keep staff entertained and engaged. They understand that life happens so they have plenty of incentives and programmes to allow staff to engage in friendly competition that can either win them a scholarship to go and try something they’ve always wanted to do, give to charity as well as a fantastic baby bonus to expecting couples, leadership courses and so much more. Innocent Drinks value their staff and it really shows by the rave reviews employees gladly make about the company.


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