40 Exceptional Web Apps for Foreign Language Students

July 25th, 2011

If studying to get a Bachelor of Arts or related degree, learning a second language can be anything from a requirement to a minor. However, learning a foreign language isn’t an easy task and requires lots of effort on a regular basis. But how can the average student squeeze in some extra learning during commutes, coffee breaks, etc.?

With the help of the below 40 exceptional web apps for foreign language students, you can now use both your free and study time like never before. Check them out to get tips for how to learn, speak, read, and write in a foreign language all over the internet and even offline.

Exceptional Web Sites for Foreign Language Students

Visit these sites to get some outstanding help learning a foreign language.

    1. BBC The first name in UK news also has loads of resources for those wishing to speak another language. Both audio and video courses are available in French, Spanish, Greek, and others. There are even special sections for beginners as well as teachers and tutors.
    1. Foreign Languages and Literature MIT is home to one of the most comprehensive and respected open courseware databases on the globe. In this special section, they offer the tools foreign language students can use to learn like an Ivy League University student. Dozens of classes are offered from introductions to several languages to writing for bilingual students.
    1. eLanguage School This is one of the largest sites for learning multiple languages on the internet. There are fifteen to choose including Arabic, Hindi, Korean, and Vietnamese. Simply click on your choice to begin learning.
    1. School: Language and Literature Learn a foreign language the Wiki way with a visit here. There are many tools for those learning a foreign language and even help in the English language. Click on the department to get courses, information, tips, and more.
    1. Palabea They are a social networking site for those learning a foreign language. Visit to get tools for e-learning, an active online community, and even language related fun. There are even virtual classrooms for the visiting.
    1. Unilang Learn various languages using their free online resources. There are many member created lessons and an active online community to help out. You can even make and share your own language learning resources.
    1. iTalki Click on any language from Afrikaans to Zhuang to being your learning. Many come with free options such as practicing your language with a native speaker. You can also purchase online time with a language tutor of your choice.
    1. LingoPass Those who wish to become students here must add a practice session in a language to begin. This is helpful when looking for relevant content and putting back what you get. There are also video and audio options.
    1. Language Magazine With a focus on seven different languages, use this magazine to help read and learn like never before. They offer audio books at the K-12 level for learning foreign languages and have many other interactive tools online. The latest issue is often available online.
    1. My Language Exchange In this language site, students actually meet up to teach each other their respective languages. Lesson plans, chat rooms, and more are all provided at no cost. There are also pen pals and even job listings on the site.

Exceptional Audio and Video Web Apps for Foreign Language Students

Because language is heard, not just read, check out these web apps.

    1. Radio Lingua Network This online radio station specializes in teaching foreign languages. Makers of the Coffee Break series, they can help you learn another language in small lessons. French, German, Italian, English, and others are featured.
    1. Survival Phrases Learn just what you need to know to get by on these audio lessons. Many languages are featured and teach key phrases. Nineteen languages are available.
    1. Live Mocha Get lessons in audio, visual, and video on this site. Simply select which language you want to learn and which you speak to begin. Lessons are available online, and you can connect with other foreign language students as well.
    1. Edufone This site specializes in helping teach many things over the web, including foreign languages. This section features the free podcasts. There is also a community lounge at no charge and paid lessons as well.
    1. English as a Second Language Podcast If you are looking to brush up on English as your foreign language, click here. They offer a learning guide to those looking to speak English and even learn American culture. There are currently over 160 episodes.
    1. English as 2nd Language Kenneth Beare is your expert guide to learning English as a foreign language. Part of About.com, he has many videos and blog entries on the topic. You can also get similar areas for many other languages.
    1. Spanish Language Basics In this video from eHow, the basics of Spanish are taught. However, there are tons of other videos available for the viewing on YouTube or their main site. Other languages in addition to Spanish are featured.
    1. Foreign Language Flashcards Learn a foreign language visually with the help of a series of flashcards. Provided for free by Edufire, you can get them for many languages such as Arabic, Greek, Sanskrit, and others. The main site also has more learning tools.
    1. French Yabla These videos stand out for being able to teach French to various speakers of other languages. Those who prefer lessons in German, Spanish, or English will all find options for them. Free samples are available as well as subscriptions.
    1. World Languages Podcasting Learn a foreign language the Australian way here. They offer podcasts in English, French, Italian, Chinese, and Indonesian. Get free previews or download entire episodes.

Exceptional Specific Web Apps for Foreign Language Students

Use these web apps when learning a specific language.

    1. Notes in Spanish Their free Spanish audio and video brings you authentic, real Spanish conversations about real-life topics. As touted by many users, there are three levels to choose from including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. There is also a blog with more.
    1. Insta Spanish Get user generated content on this site. Students come to learn and share their knowledge in Spanish here. There are options for beginners, intermediate, and even children.
    1. Mission Europe Learn three different languages on this site. Lessons in German, French, and Polish are given as adventures, as well as other language learning tools. There are even helpful options for teachers.
    1. German Pod Over 100 million lessons have been downloaded on this site. Learn German at your own convenience and pace with short, effective, and fun audio podcast lessons. A free lifetime membership can obtained in as little as seven seconds.
    1. Chinese Lessons Learn Mandarin Chinese with theme-based, progressive lessons that are easy to follow. New lessons are produced weekly, but you can check out previous ones. There are also sample audio lessons, worksheets, and transcripts available.
    1. A Taste of Russian Part blog, part podcast, they can teach you how to learn Russian. You can also learn in specific areas such as dining, shopping, and daily life. Each lesson often offers an MP3 and PDF.
    1. I Speak Hindi With a visit to this web app, so can you. Nathan shows visitors how to speak the language through written and audio blog entries. There are also paid subscription options available.
    1. Let’s Speak Italian Ever wish you knew what the opera was about? With a little Italian learning, you just might. This blog allows you to download free Italian lessons with a visit.
    1. Japancast Learn Japanese with their free Japanese lessons in podcast format. They use examples from anime and conversation to teach you Japanese useful for everyday life. Visit to get 49 episodes and counting.
    1. Latinum The dead language lives on this web app. Learn Latin in its spoken form with the help of Evan Der Millner. He even takes requests on what to teach.

Other Exceptional Web Apps for Foreign Language Students

These web apps for foreign language students fall into a category of their own.

    1. Business English Pod Who couldn’t be hurt by learning a little more English for the business world? Over 20 million have visited to download lessons. Simply sign up, or check out the free trial with more.
    1. The Hundred Most Common Words Need to learn a language but can’t learn the whole thing? Then visit here to learn the 100 most common words to help you learn the basics. Simply scroll down to get the list and more from Mind Tools.
    1. Memorista Because language is memory and vice versa, stop here. The site specializes in teaching mnemonics, or the art of creative remembering. You can even choose one of five languages to begin learning in.
    1. Lifeprint Learn how to communicate with the deaf in this web tool. Visitors are taught American Sign Language with free lessons, videos, and more. You can even use their A to Z dictionary of how to say thousands of words.
    1. Kenyan Sign Language Because there is more than one sign language, visit here to learn the African version. It is sponsored by The Peace Corps and helps local deaf people communicate. They offer three tools to help students learn.
    1. Popling Love learning but lack the motivation it takes? The folks at Popling have developed a web app just for you. In three easy steps, they can help you learn without studying and by signing up.
    1. Pronounce Names It’s no good to learn a new language if you insult someone by not pronouncing their name correctly. In this web app, you can type in a name to get the proper way to say it. You can even submit a name for pronunciation if it isn’t on there.
    1. Language Tools Powered by Google, simply type a phrase in your native language to get loads of translations into other languages. You can also translate entire pieces of text or webpages.
    1. Nice Translator Similar to the above, this web app can be used to translate a phrase from one language to another. They also offer a blog and other NT tools.
    1. SDL Free Translation Need more in a translation web app than the above can give? Then visit here to get a free translator that is machine generated. If not satisfied with the results, you can pay an actual person to do the deed.

And many of the above 40 exceptional web apps for foreign language students offer many free and low paying options for those who are light in the wallet.