Happy 25th Birthday ABL


25th Anniversary

Dear All,

I wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our clients and friends who have been a part of the ABL story over the past 25 years and to all those who will be part of our future.

Words fail to describe quite how grateful I am for all the support and encouragement that you have shown us. Who would have known, 25 years ago, that we would be where we are today?

Had you told me then, I certainly wouldn’t have believed you…

Throughout the last year we have been making charitable contributions to the following wonderful organisations:

  • Action for Children
  • Age UK
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Cancer Research
  • Sparks Charity (funding medical research for children)


But I also wanted to do something a little unique to personally thank you for what you’ve done for us, though the question arose, ‘how can I honor the strength and support we’ve received throughout the years?’

From the seed planted in 1991, you have helped cultivate the careers of many young people. And now, in 2016, we are reaping the fruits of 25 years hard work. It was in thinking about this marvellous journey that we’ve been on that I found the perfect present.

The Global ReLeaf campaign supports 30 projects around the world each year. Regenerating damaged forests and preserving habitats for species like the Sumatran tiger, it’s a charity that ensures a better future for our planet and the diverse creatures that inhabit it. And much like the diverse creatures which inhabit our office, it is you that has helped sustain us throughout the years.

Spread across the globe, we have planted 100 trees in your name; symbolising the strong foundations you helped us build, and our excitement as we look to grow together in the future.

I hope they stand, eons from now, rustling in the breeze amidst a verdant, sprawling forest. A reminder of the friendships which have meant so much to us.

Thank you

Nicole (founder) and everyone at ABL

1 Nicole Debson