4 tips to prepare for the January Rush

January is the hottest time of the year for recruitment. The Christmas break has passed. HR, Talent, and recruitment teams get back to work and are hungry for the top talent.



In January, there is always a multitude of talent out there, ready to be snapped up at a moment’s notice. So, what can you do to maximise the chance of getting the best talent for your company?

Get ahead of the pack

As you know, the best talent is difficult to find in any economic climate. You may be thinking of carrying out a massive hiring spree in January, however, so will everyone else. There will be lots of talent is available. Why not bring forward your hiring plans to get ahead?

Look at your media for advertising jobs

Look at how you are currently reaching applicants. Are you advertising through conventional media, such as newspapers, job fairs and catalogues or through more modern channels like apps, websites, and social media? Could you reach candidates through a different medium you haven’t tried before?

Show your staff some love!

The new year won’t just be a big time for you. It will be a big time for your staff. They may get offers to work elsewhere. Don’t let them leave! Tell them and, most importantly, show them how much you value them as people and as staff.

And last but not least…

Enjoy the rejuvenation! New Year is a great opportunity for a fresh start. Refresh your mindset and your staff for a brilliant 2021!