1 in 4 workers are considering quitting their job post-pandemic. Should you?

According to a survey by Prudential Financial, 1 in 4 workers want to quit their jobs post-pandemic.

Some of these people are looking for career advancement.

Some are looking for new jobs based on skillsets they’ve developed during COVID19.

Some are looking for a job with more flexibility or the ability to work remotely.

Some want more money


Do you feel like any of these resonate with you?

It may be time to find a new job.


The pandemic has stagnated the careers of many and given some the impetus to quit their job to start up a ‘side-hustle’. These are small businesses people set up ‘on the side’ which gives them much more freedom than a traditional 9-5 job.

Alternatively, some are feeling they have reached their maximum professional growth at their current company and want to find a new challenge in a larger company or different sector and a larger salary (as salaries are the HIGHEST they’ve ever been!)


Also, of people currently working remotely, half say if their current company doesn’t continue to offer remote-work options long-term, they’ll look for a job at an organisation that does. Many overseas nationals who moved back home during the pandemic are thinking of staying abroad and leaving their British jobs so they can stop paying rent in the UK’s expensive cities and feel less isolated in a city that is not fully ‘open for business’.

And, let’s face it, by no means will all companies offer flexible or remote working post-pandemic, so the numbers of foreigners leaving their jobs will only increase.

We are approaching a new dawn for people all around the world who have had their eyes opened during the pandemic to new opportunities and possibilities for their professional future.

The end of COVID19 marks an exciting new chapter in employees’ careers.

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