Will Ferrell: Speaking Spanish Was Muy Dificil

Will Ferrell took on the challenge of his career, when he agreed to star in Casa de mi padre, his latest movie in which he speaks entirely in Spanish.

Yes, indeedy. The star of such classics asAnchorman, Stepbrothers and Zoolander spoke all en espanol for his latest movie, screened Wednesday evening at the Colony Theater on Lincoln Road for the South Beach Comedy Festival.

“I was in like a 23-day fever, dreaming in Spanish, memorizing in Spanish; that’s kind of what it took,’’ Ferrell said. “Obviously it’s not my first language. It was the most concentrated I had to be. I wanted it to be as authentic as possible because I thought it would make the movie funnier.’’

After signing on, Ferrell soon has his doubts he could pull off his role as a hero trying to save his family’s ranch from a Mexican drug lord played byGael Garcia Bernal.

“From day one, the minute I saw the two page monologue, I was already thinking, ‘Why did I decide to do this?’’’ said the former Saturday Night Live star.

His costars like Diego de la Luna and local telenovela actress Genesis Rodriguez, gave his lingo the thumbs up. “We are all very impressed and proud of him,’’ said Rodriguez.

Taken from The Miami Herald: 01.03.12