Why office design matters

Physical workspace has a huge impact on both the recruitment process and how well people perform in their jobs. So, if workspace design is not already high on your HR agenda, The Undercover Recruiter argues that it should be. See below for the arguments in favour.


The impression that interview rooms and general office space make on potential new recruits plays a decisive role in whether or not they accept a job offer. Outdated, drab, noisy offices with little natural light and no quiet breakout areas are firmly out. Vibrant, spacious, plant-filled workspaces are most definitely in.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is intimately connected to productivity and staff retention. Since one’s working environment is such an important part of the employee experience, and can make or break engagement, workspaces must meet staff needs, expectations and desires. Interestingly, the availability of good coffee, quiet zones, breakout areas and dedicated rooms for remote collaboration are increasingly cited by employees as essential.

Employee performance

Office design is a vital part of the HR department’s toolkit to enable employees to perform at their best. By way of example, certain departments need to be physically close to each other to allow for spontaneous collaboration. And bringing nature into the office, in the form of flowers and plants, has a proven positive impact on creativity and innovation.

Employee well-being

There is a close link between mental health and productivity levels. A noisy, hectic work environment can increase stress levels and reduce productivity. Conversely, a calm workplace with access to private spaces, natural light and good air quality boosts employee productivity.

In short, workplace design should be as conducive to employee well-being and productivity as possible. The long-term success and growth of your company might just depend on it.

Whatever the size of your office design ambitions, ABL, your trusted recruitment partner, wishes you the very best of luck! And if you’d like any help sourcing ideal candidates to dazzle with the results, please get in touch. We have a vast pool of well-qualified, talented job seekers on our books. We hope to brainstorm the options with you soon!