Why neurodiversity is good for business

The word is out. GCHQ, Dell and Microsoft are actively seeking neurodiverse talent to join their organisations. They recognise and value the unique strengths, talents and ways of thinking that these individuals bring to the table. To find out why they’re pulling out all the stops to attract them, please visit The HR Director for a detailed explanation, or read the summary below:



What does neurodiversity mean?



Neurodiversity refers to conditions like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia. Those affected have different emotional, learning, mood, attention and development needs and abilities than those without. More than 1% of us are on the autistic spectrum, 10% of us are dyslexic and 10% have dyspraxia. ADHD is estimated to affect 3% to 4% of adults.



What benefits do neurodiverse individuals bring to organisations?



Neurodiverse people often possess valuable skills such as lateral thinking, analysis, consistency and creativity. They tend to have excellent memories and attention to detail, and to thrive at repetitive, structured work.



How to be actively inclusive towards colleagues with neurodiversity?



There’s a lot HR professionals can do to support neurodiverse colleagues. You can:



– Create a neurodiversity support toolkit. Clearly state who to contact for assistance and offer training to employees who are unfamiliar with neurodiversity. Use appropriate language.



– Champion discussion on neurodiversity to help raise awareness and foster understanding.



– Include neurodivergent co-workers in making changes. Don’t assume you know what is best for them.  Be mindful that neurodiverse workers tend to thrive in stable, predictable environments, and address transition periods and changes accordingly.



If your company appreciates other viewpoints, attitudes, original ideas and innovative thinking, and wants to be part of the fight against ignorance and prejudice, it could be to consider actively targeting neurodiverse workers as part of your hiring strategy.



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