What does Brexit mean for employers when recruiting?

According to research from the3million, only 14% of employers understand how Brexit is going to affect international recruitment.

We at ABL decided that if the government isn’t going to make businesses aware of how Brexit legislation will affect their recruitment, then we will.

As it stands, European citizens and their families can apply for settled status.


However, on the 1st of January, a points-based system will come in which will consist of requirements to work in Britain as an EU citizen. These are:

  • The hiring company paying for a sponsor licence costing up to £1746 (this can take 8 weeks or more to process).
  • The candidate having a job offer from the approved sponsor.
  • That job offer having a salary level of £25,600 or more.
  • The candidate must speak English at the equivalent of A-level.


Now, this all sounds like a mare for companies based in the UK who hire multilingual candidates. The process will be expensive, time-consuming, and bureaucratic. Why would anyone want to do it?


Luckily, ABL can help your business get through this tricky time. We will not be rocked by Brexit as we have a database of thousands of multilingual candidates who can work in the UK without a sponsor saving you frustration, worry and money when hiring candidates. 


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