To Russia, With Love – Not ALL British Bosses Are the Same!

Get a Great Russian-Speaking Job Through Appointments Bi-Language, Ladies, and See For Yourselves!

Have you heard the news? According to a recent edition of The Mail on Sunday, Russian women in the UK are “astonished” and “appalled” at the rude, slovenly and dirty behaviour of British men. When they boarded the Heathrow-bound plane at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport all those weeks, months or years ago, they thought they were jetting off to a country where every man was a “perfect gentleman”, where men unhesitatingly threw their coats over puddles so that a lady may pass without getting her dainty feet wet; where every man alive would rather risk life and limb than see a damsel in distress.

Alas, some (but not all) Russian ladies (Svetlana from Moscow, Anna from St Petersburg, Maria from Siberia…) are experiencing quite the opposite. Rather than turning to Appointments Bi-Language to find the translation job, admin job, sales job, or PA job of their dreams, they’ve gone elsewhere and found themselves taking orders from filthy, ill-mannered brutes – men who eat their lunch like pigs at a trough; or sneeze without using a hankie; or (God forbid) openly scratch their private parts (no, we don’t mean their diaries) without, erm, turning a hair?

What a pity then, that these Russian ladies of refinement seeking gainful employment as translators, interpreters, language tutors, secretaries, receptionists, and in other bilingual positions, didn’t turn to Appointments Bi-Language, who are as thorough in vetting Clients as they are Candidates, and can offer qualified, competent and experienced Russian/English-speaking women amazing bilingual jobs like these:

Russian-speaking receptionist/Office Manager

Salary: £25,000 Location: Central London – West End

Advanced MS Office-fluent Russian required. Wonderful opportunity to work for this leading commodities firm based in the heart of the West End.

Russian-speaking In-House Translator

Salary: £25,000 Location: Greater London – South London

Fantastic opportunity to join this leading firm as an In-House Russian Translator/Administrator

Russian-speaking PA

Salary: £25,000 Location: Greater London – South London

Great opportunity for a Russian-speaking PA to join this leading firm based in Fulham, South West London.

Our message to professional Russian women who think they have ‘got the right stuff’ to make it onto Appointments-Bi-Language’s books is to: ignore the generalisations about British men; get your CV freshly-printed and your interview suit pressed, catch that UK-bound plane, and then get in touch!