Tips to help staff improve their numeracy skills

World Numeracy Day – to be celebrated on the 17th May – is the perfect moment for HR to offer support to colleagues whose numeracy skills are a little lacklustre. Giving this most basic of skills a little attention can go a long way to increasing staff confidence, retention, and internal progression.


So says the National Numeracy organisation. It exists to improve how people understand and work with numbers in their day-to-day lives, triggering better, brighter work opportunities.


You can discover National Numeracy’s expert advice to companies here or take a sneak peek at its suggestions – delivered in bite-size – below.

  1. Find out how numerate your workplace is with National Numeracy’s online Numeracy Review. It provides in-depth insights into attitudes and numeracy levels among your workforce and offers strategies for support and development based on agreed numeracy targets.
  2. Invite trainers from National Numeracy to host bespoke training programs and workshops – in person or remotely – for you. Alternatively, you can work with them to train your own Numeracy Champions to provide support and mentor staff.
  3. Use National Numeracy’s Challenge Tracker to get a snapshot view – on a person-by-person basis – of employees’ progress in real-time.


So if you want to help your employees to take their numeracy skills to the next level – which some experts claim are at the heart of a productive, innovative, confident workforce – check out the National Numeracy Challenge and consider getting involved!


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