Tips on how to select and manage digital nomads effectively

The rise of the digital nomad is a well-documented trend. Millennials with niche skill-sets are, in particular, embracing their laptops, ‘connecting’ technologies and wanderlust to search the world for the perfect work/ life/ adventure balance.


To help hiring managers navigate these relatively uncharted waters, Forbes has published some tips on how to effectively select and manage digital nomads. Here’s a quick summary:


  1. Look for candidates who possess high levels of self-discipline and motivation. Check their references thoroughly to understand how well they adhere to objectives and deadlines.


  1. Recruit candidates who will embrace your values and fit into your culture. Give them a chance to interview you to see if there is a good fit from their perspective too.


  1. Plan regular meetings with remote workers so you can pick up on any emerging issues early and nip them in the bud.


  1. Set clear objectives so employees understand your expectations and priorities. Be clear about the hours during which they need to be available, and which meetings they have to attend.


  1. Be transparent. Keeping everyone in the loop as to team and company-wide highs and lows will strengthen employee trust, engagement and loyalty.


  1. Communicate regularly on a one-to-one and team basis using Zoom and MS Teams. Instant messaging tools can be more efficient than email for quick questions.


  1. While you don’t want to micro-manage your digital nomads, you still need to keep a close eye on what they’re doing. Use software to monitor their progress, set regular project review sessions and give them regular access to your time to keep things moving forwards.


The above points are just as valid for remote workers and freelancers as they are for digital nomads, and even for hybrid and on-site workers. The working landscape may be evolving at a dizzying pace but the broad brushstrokes remain the same.


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