Three BIG problems recruiters are having and how to resolve them

Recruitment has changed in the past 18 months. Systems and procedures have been modified again and again. We have identified some huge problems within recruitment today and suggested some solutions which you might find useful.


Q: There are not enough candidates due to Brexit and the pandemic.

700,000 multi-lingual candidates have left London alone to return to their native countries.

There is a massive talent shortage as a result.

So what’s the solution ❓

A: Simply spread the net wider. The candidates have not disappeared, just moved.

You can introduce 100% remote working as a norm in your workplace and you will find it a lot easier to recruit candidates.

Or, there’s also the option which 34,000 businesses have taken: to sponsor employees to come to the UK.

The choice is yours.


Q: A big problem facing recruiters: Onboarding remote workers


Since lockdown ended and employees started returning to the office, there have been many discussions on how to successfully remotely onboard people.


One of the biggest problems is integrating people into the company culture.


After all, how can you do this while they may be a thousand miles away❓


A: There are a few solutions you can use.


The first is a ‘buddy system’. You might have had this in school or university. It entails every newbie getting a ‘buddy’ whom they can go to with questions, air doubts or worries, and just have a chat over Teams/Zoom.


This helps build a sense of community and cohesion in the virtual office environment.


Another solution is holding virtual events.


We’re all sick of business zoom calls right?


So, make them enjoyable!


Create cultural/team-building events, dress up days, kids and pet days. Think outside the box to help your employees, regardless of whether they’re remote or not, get to know each other.


Q: How can you maintain a positive candidate experience?

Throughout COVID19 we saw thousands losing jobs. Times are tough and moving jobs can be scary and overwhelming for many.


A positive candidate experience will make the recruitment process smooth and encourage candidates to pick your role over other roles.


But this raises the question: How can you create a positive candidate experience when everything is virtual❓



A: According to LinkedIn, nearly 46% of hiring professionals believe the outbreak has negatively affected candidate experience.


Ironically, however, the best practices that worked pre-pandemic still work now!


You just have to be more conscious in every stage that a candidate progresses through.


Now, more than ever, potential employees value clarity and assurances.


Make sure your outreach is prompt and accurate. Give them all the details they need, such as the salary of the role and tips for the interview stages. Have some ‘Plan Bs’ in place if there are technological glitches.