9 ways to promote gender equality in the workplace

With the shocking news that female FTSE 100 directors are earning 73 per cent less than male counterparts, we think it’s more important than ever to highlight different ways a company can improve the situation of its female employees within the workplace.


Here are 9 tips to address the gender pay gap and increase gender equality at your company:


1. Revise your job descriptions

Certain words and phrases have the power to attract or repel certain types of people. Use an app like Textio to revise phrases in your job descriptions that might repel women.


2. Conduct blind resume reviews

Gender bias has been proven to go both ways when reviewing resumes. To reduce gender preferences for particular roles and improve cultural diversity, eliminate names from consideration when reviewing candidates.


3. Structure your interview process

To ensure male and female candidates are being evaluated equally, ask a consistent set of questions to each candidate.


4. Revamp your benefits

Take a close look at your family leave policies, dependent care benefits, and consider flexible scheduling or remote work opportunities for those with caregiving responsibilities.


5. Promote a female-friendly culture

Provide unconscious bias training for employees and offer women’s leadership and mentorship programs. Consider offering employee resource groups or volunteer opportunities that benefit women.


6. Conduct a gender pay gap analysis

Gather your data and enlist an analyst to take a look at your salary and bonus data by gender, department, tenure, age, education, and location.


7. Make equitable offers

Since research shows that women and older workers are less likely to negotiate, leave less room for negotiation in your offers. Evaluate pay scales at least annually to become more transparent in your approach to pay.


8. Equalise performance reviews

Performance reviews, promotions, and bonus distributions can be affected by unconscious bias relating to behavioural traits, favouritism, and male-based definitions of success. Provide manager training and controls to ensure women and men are being evaluated fairly.


9. Give employees a voice

Provide a confidential outlet for employees to voice their concerns relating to gender issues. Most importantly, take appropriate action to address concerns. Encourage employees to use their voice by speaking out if they have any issues.