The new HR priority – delivering value and purpose to employees

It’s not all about the money. More than ever, today’s workers want – and increasingly expect – their work to provide a sense of value and purpose. If these desires are unsatisfied – and employees feel like they’re simply creating outcomes to benefit company shareholders – they’re likely to walk.


So says Gartner in a recent report on the topic. According to the report, there are five key areas that companies should focus on to address the shift in attitude, as follows:

  1. Deeper connections with family, the local community, and work colleagues.
  2. Flexibility in all aspects of work, not just where it gets done.
  3. Personal – as well as professional – growth.
  4. Holistic well-being offerings are used, not just offered.
  5. A shared sense of purpose that results in concrete actions.


The report argues that companies should align their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) with the above list, creating strategies that deliver deeper relationships, a strong sense of community, purpose-driven work, and more worker autonomy. HR needs to devise tactics that support the changing shape of company culture, e.g., introducing no-meeting Fridays, allocating budgets for personal development programmes, and implementing green corporate initiatives. There’s a lot to think about!


Have you witnessed this shift in employee values at your company? If so, what have you done to address it? We’d love to know!


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