The habits of highly productive people

No one is 100% productive 100% of the time. But there are certain habits that we can adopt to help us move in the right direction. interviewed two highly productive CEOs to shine a light on habits that promote productivity. We invite you to treat the tips they share below as a checklist. Consider which of their habits you already have, and which ones you can adopt going forwards. At this end, we’ll certainly be doing the same!

  1. Wake up before the rest of the house. Having space to get ready for the day without any distractions is a great way to set yourself up for a successful day.
  2. Don’t let your inbox be your to do list. Have a dedicated window for addressing your emails. Once

the time’s up, close your email and re-focus your attention on your important projects.

  1. Keep a daily action list. Whether you prefer a physical or digital notebook, find out what works best for you and keep your list in one place.
  2. Save the easier tasks until later. If you keep the hardest or least desirable tasks until the end of the day, tiredness will kick in and make it harder for you to complete them.
  3. Don’t multitask. If we focus intently on one thing, we’ll get it done faster.
  4. Start your day with a workout or take a stroll around the block. Studies show that incorporating

exercise into the workday improves time management skills by 72%.

  1. Schedule brain breaks. Breaks are essential to productivity so pepper your day with short 15-minute breaks and strive to have a proper lunch break.
  2. Stick to a healthy diet. Avoid sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods.

How do your habits compare to the above list? We recommend embracing them all, while accepting that it takes time for new habits to come naturally. Good luck!

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