Suddenly Revealed: The Company Philosophy Everybody’s Talking About!

And Why Appointments Bi-Language’s Company Philosophy is One Our Candidates LOVE

The late, great Bertrand Russell (British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, Nesquick addict…) once said: ‘The point of philosophy is to start with something so simple as to seem not worth stating, and to end with something so paradoxical that no one will believe it. But one day, no one will care about philosophy at all.’

Hmm… How thought-provoking. How utterly perplexing. How mind-bendingly discombobulating. How…

But, really. As good as Russell was, he was wrong about philosophy. After all, where would we all be if no one in business philosophised? If company ethics became a thing of the past? If, heaven forbid, a company ethos was as popular as a 76-year-old Morris Dancing teacher at an inner city school for the performing arts (innit?)

At Appointments Bi-Language our experience is that candidates do care about philosophy, company ethics… In fact, our company philosophy is a contributing factor towards why they want to be on our books in the first place! (smart people those bi-lingual and multilingual translators, interpreters, language tutors, secretaries, customer service personnel, and sales staff.)

Our Philosophy, What Makes Us Different…
As an award-winning market leader, Appointments Bi-Language has risen to the top of a highly competitive industry by:

• Providing exceptional service to both clients and candidates
• Going to extraordinary lengths to find the right person for the right job
• Adopting a business ethic that is underpinned by diversity and inclusion 
And by
• Always striving to be the best rather than the biggest

Are you looking for temporary or permanent employment with a bi-lingual and multilingual recruitment agency, but want to work for one who puts quality before quantity, diversity before exclusivity, and, most importantly, people before profit?

You’ve just found one!

Work for an agency where you feel VALUED
Whether you seek an exciting and well-paid English language only, bi-lingual or multilingual position as a translator, interpreter, secretary (or another type of administrative role), in customer service or in sales, get in touch!

If we feel you’ve got what it takes make it onto our books, we’ll pull out all the stops to find you that ‘dream’ job, and a job you can enjoy all the more because you know you have been recommended to your employer by a recruitment agency who:

• Recognises your talent and individuality
• Respects your professionalism and dedication
• Wants you to be nothing less than 100 per cent happy in your new and exciting role

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