So, You Can Speak Ponglish, Spanglish, Franglais, Anglo-Romani, Portuñol and Hinglish. (So What?)

Yes, you guessed it: Ponglish is a mixture of Polish and English; a hybrid dialect that evolves more and more everyday as an increasing number of Poles continue to seek work and settle here in the UK. You mix an English word with a Polish word, and get a new word. Simple. But does that make it a ‘language’? Could a Ponglish speaker get away with claiming to be bilingual and land a fantastic job with Appointments-Bi-Language?

Forget it.

Our Polish friends are more than welcome here in Britain, of course, but Ponglish just ain’t Polish, and it just ain’t English, is it? And for those seeking bilingual jobs (speaking both Polish and English), being fluent in Ponglish just won’t do.

What about other hybrid language speakers? Do they have a hope of getting a great job through Appointments-Bi-Language in:

No chance. Even if an uber-talented hybrid language speaker could stun and entertain a crowd in a pub with their fluency in Ponglish, Spanglish, Franglais, Anglo-Romani, Portuñol, and Hinglish (a hybrid of English and several south Asian languages, used both in Asia and the UK), he still wouldn’t get an interview with us. Why? Because we only take the best – genuine bilingual and multilingual candidates who can speak a foreign language (or several) to ‘mother tongue’ standard.

Is that you? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Take a look around our website and get a feel for what Appointments Bi-Language is all about. Then browse our jobs pages; there you will find all the very latest English-only and multilingual vacancies and job positions available in London through us…

…While you’re doing so, our hybrid language-speaking genius friend holding court in the Dog and Duck can continue to wow the locals, until it’s all worn thin, until they’ve finally heard enough, until closing time when, all alone, it finally dawns on the guy that he’s NEVER going to get an amazing job through a top bilingual and multilingual recruitment agency until he really knuckles down and sets about mastering a foreign language like ‘real’ translators and language tutors have done. 

We’ll drink to that!

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