Job Market Grows Despite Ongoing Eurozone Fears

Despite fears from leading economists that 2012 may be turning into a carbon copy of 2011, with sovereign bond markets beginning spring with a healthy spring in their step before investor confidence begins to pile on points to bond yields through the summer, it would appear that the job market seems to be picking up pace. The global, macroeconomic fears seem not to have tainted the drive of canny employers who are continuing to source the best talent as we go further into 2012.

Research carried out by Reed shows that employment opportunities are up 11% on last years figures, with an even more significant increase in the East Midlandsof 28%.

This growth focussed on the engineering sector as well as transport and automotive whilst HR and training functions continue to suffer along with the banking sector.

For those sectors that are still finding recruitment a struggle, the main barrier seems to be affordability, with Reed’s salary index slipping one point to 99, representing a 1% fall in remuneration since the index began in 2009.

These figures however, represent a very normal picture of post-recession recruitment. It has always been the case in the past that the first sector, led by strong performances in engineering and manufacturing, begins the upward trend whilst the tertiary service sector plays catch up in the subsequent 12-18 months.

All things, considered it would appear, for the minute at least, that 2012 will be a very strong year for talent seekers and the talent itself and will be the first step towards getting the UK economy back on track.