Six tips for booking your productivity at work this summer

It’s officially summer and school is almost out. Well, kinda! Very approximately! The point is that, now that the clocks have gone back and most restrictions due to the pandemic have been lifted, we can finally start daydreaming about sunny beaches, BBQs and summer parties. Yay!


But before we get too carried away, let’s spare a thought for our productivity. The chances are you’ll still be spending most of your summer working full-time so you’ll need to make sure you don’t get too distracted by all the excitement. Luckily, Forbes has published a very interesting guide on how to remain productive in the summer months, and we’ve summarised its top six tips below.


  1. Plan your time off

Discuss your holiday plans with your boss well in advance to avoid disappointment. Make a list of unmissable summer events and plan your working days around them. If you need to leave early on a Friday to attend a music festival, plan to work late on the days leading up to it.


  1. Communicate

It’s essential to communicate your plans to your boss as you’re making them, and again once they’re made. Some bosses will even appreciate a countdown before your impending holiday, although usually just a simple reminder the week before is enough. Your team members will also appreciate being kept in the loop as they’re the ones likely to be picking up some of your work while you’re away.


  1. Make plans for your children

If you’re a parent, summertime has its own set of challenges! Find a good balance between work and family time, and keep your children as busy as you can with summer camps and fun childcare options.


  1. Shift priorities as needed

When you can’t get approvals on some projects because your boss is away, focus your attention on progressing others that might require strategic thought and planning. That way, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running come September.


  1. Be flexible

You may need to briefly work remotely during your holiday. If an important deadline occurs while you’re away, consider putting aside half an hour to check your emails to ensure everything’s in order. Ask a colleague to call you if anything urgent comes up that no one else can progress in your absence. Consider your holiday time as sacred but be flexible enough to do a few hours of work remotely when there genuinely is no alternative for your teammates.


  1. If there’s no work, find some

Take advantage of the summertime work lull to make a start on new projects, or to tie up any loose ends. If all else fails, de-clutter your Inbox!


As long as you manage your time properly, communicate well, and shift priorities as needed, you will set yourself up for success both with your holiday and your work plans. And if one of your projects is of the new job variety, please get in touch. Your trusted recruitment partner, ABL, is always happy to help!