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Thank you for joining us this year, and we wish you happy holidays and a fantastic New Year. Second of all, we have our last update of 2016 to share with you, and we’ve got a lot of good news and interesting facts for you in our latest instalment.

Is Mobile the Future of Recruiting?

It’s an undeniable fact that more people than ever are using mobile and tablet to search for work. But what impact does this have on recruitment and what can we do to help facilitate the shift?

First of all it goes without saying that if job sites which aren’t optimised for mobile are shooting themselves in the foot. Convenience is a key aspect of modern job seeking and we’re aware that bounce rates are higher for job seekers looking from their phones so the option of a one click apply button is a great way to capture applications.

Most applications are still done on desktops, but an increasing number of job sites are now offering ways of uploading cover letters and CVs from mobiles and tablets – a recent phenomenon. Research done in the states by Pew last year found that 14% of job seekers in America have applied for a job this way.

Extensive research from Madgex has revealed that 70% of job seekers have never applied for a job using their mobiles, however all of those surveyed were found to have used more than one device in their search. This dispels the common myth that tablet and mobile traffic is considerably less significant than desktop traffic. If the job seeker finds the right position on mobile, they’ll head on over to their desktop to complete the application.

In conclusion, this means the industry needs to come to terms with two things: mobile is only increasing in importance and secondly that people nowadays browse for jobs online with the intent to apply later. So get yourself mobile optimised.


3 Rules Everyone Working in Talent Acquisition Must Know

You Need to Pay More to Attract Talent

Pay rises are predicted to remain at 2.5% in 2017 but you should expect to pay more to attract qualified candidates. In sectors such as engineering and tech, employers have paid 30% over the going rate in order to secure talented candidates in 2017. HR will also need to be more innovative when it comes to benefits and perks. Addressing issues such as remote working and flexible hours, rewarding loyalty and recognition of achievements are great starting points.

Talent Acquisition Fails Without Technology

The Hays survey found that over three quarters of organisations are preparing for a shortage of qualified candidates which is seen as one of the biggest hiring challenges of next year. Half of all HR directors are unable to plan effectively as their time is taken up with admin tasks. Without recruitment software, your ability to respond to challenges in scouting talent will be significantly reduced.

January Sees an Increase in Job Seekers

A new year is always accompanied by an increase in job applications. Almost two thirds of employees (62%) are thinking of changing jobs in 2017 and according to Hays UK Salary and Recruiting Trends 2017 Survey, over a quarter of those surveyed stated that a lack of career development is the reason behind their job search. So prepare your hiring process now for an increase in applications throughout January, but most of all engage your current employees.


New Study Reveals the 100 Jobs of the Future

BrightHR’s ‘A Future That Works’ report – compiled by professor of management practice at London Business School and futurologist David Smith – delved into sectors including space, environment, robotics, communications and medicine to analyse not only how technology is changing the way that we work, but the types of work that are going to be critical for the future.

Here are 10 of the most extraordinary future job roles there were from the study:

-Human to Machine Interface Programmer
-Drowned City Specialist
-Virtual Lawyer
-Avatar Manager
-Mind Reading Specialist
-Robot Counsellor
-Space Architect
-Weather Modification Police Officer
-Body Part Maker
– End-of-Life Planner

It has been the case for quite some time that machines have and will take over laborious and repetitive tasks, but one of the more surprising consequences of advancing technology has been the disappearance of middle-skilled roles. Smith claims that machines will produce better solutions to problems than the average human:

“As a result of advances in machine learning, the task of interrogating large amounts of data is likely to become fully-automated, making jobs with any systematic component vulnerable. In fields such as law, accountancy and medicine, machines are likely to produce generally better answers than humans. While job substitution by machines is alarming for those caught up in it, we know, from experience, that we have always been able to adapt and find new roles for ourselves.”

An incredibly interesting topic to consider.


The Worst Sick Day Excuses Ever Used

Everyone has their bad days, let’s face it. About 47% of workers said they still go to work despite an illness because they either can’t trust the work to be done in their absence or because they just can’t afford to take the time off.

But some people just simply take the biscuit. Results from a recent survey have shown that 5% of workers have called in sick when they’re feeling fine compared to 38% the year earlier. If you’re thinking of making up a fake excuse: don’t bother – a third of employers check up on it by checking your social media or calling your doctor.

The survey revealed some very creative excuses that people have come up with to get time off:

  • The ozone in the air flattened the employee’s tyres.
  • A pressure cooker exploded and scared the employee’s sister, so she had to stay home.
  • An employee said he had to be the pallbearer at the funeral of his wife’s cousin’s pet.
  • Eating cat food instead of tuna made the employee deathly ill.
  • Using hair remover under her arms gave the employee chemical burns.
  • Unable to get to work because the employee said he was bowling the game of his life.
  • Traumatic stress from a large spider found in the employee’s home. She had to stay home to deal with the spider.

Have you ever used any ridiculous excuses to get out of work? If so, what’s your most outrageous?


Ex-Aviva Investors Multi-Manager Launches Female Network

Bhavini Shah has won the support of 15 asset management and investment firms for the launch of an industry network for women – fantastic news! The former Aviva Investors fund selector has launched a network dubbed City Hive, after analysis of Citywire’s global database revealed that only 10% of the 15,229 managers around the world were female.

City Hive has been backed by firms including Amundi AM, Artemis IM, BlackRock, BNY Mellon, Fidelity International, Hermes IM, Invesco Perpetual, Jupiter AM, Kepler Partners, Legg Mason, M&G Investments, Macquarie IM, Pictet AM, Pimco and Twenty Four AM.

‘I’m not interested in gender diversity for the sake of it. It’s about giving women genuine tangible support to survive and thrive in the corporate jungle whether it is through specialised skills or a supportive network,’ She continues ‘It is also important to also ensure the pipeline is cultivated from the schoolroom by simply letting girls know that this career opportunity exists, removing the mystique and stigma around this area of the financial industry.”

‘Once we have female talent at the table, our role is to support the women who come through and campaign to improve the working environment for them so they can progress through the bumpy middle with fewer barriers to the top.’ Entirely true. City Hive marked its launch on the 30th of November where Sophie Walker – leader of the Women’s Equality Party – gave a speech. We congratulate Bhavini on this fantastic success.


Sandi Toksvig: ‘It’s unbelievable that in 2016 women are still making firsts’

Sandi Toksvig visited Cambridge to deliver a talk named ‘Women, Revolution and Knitting’ at Newnham College where she was elected an honorary fellow in March. Sipping her tea in an armchair, she discusses the concept of owning your space. “Women have been a huge and important part of history but on the whole have been underpaid, overlooked, and undervalued.”

She performed in and above all wrote the first all-female Footlights show or as she cared to remind the audience, “the only female Footlights show”. “There was a woman called Emma Thompson – I’ve no idea what happened to her – she and I got fed up in the sketches of saying things like ‘The doctor will see you now,’ … so we decided to write our own show.” Toksvig continues, “We were tired! We were tired of just not being allowed to be funny. We tried to make a very big statement and maybe another one needs to be made again.”

She left The News Quiz to co-found the WEP, the only political party that hopes one day to “not exist”. Discussing space again in her talk, she talks of the importance of adopting traditionally ‘male like’ attributes in order to have her voice heard. “One of the reasons that I did well in my early years of broadcasting is that I have a deep voice. It helps: when you’re doing a comedy show with five people trying to be funny, your voice has to cut in…Male voices on the whole, because they’re deeper and more forceful, will occupy the space a bit better, in the same way that men generally occupy space.”

She continues to make some very interesting points about post Brexit feminism, Theresa May “cleaning up boys’ mess”, and the way that history is recorded and its lack of representation of what women have done it at the time. It’s a great read, and I highly recommend it.


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