Why a Translator with Local Knowledge is TRANSLATION GOLD

Did you know that in Denmark it is considered highly insulting not to eat every morsel of your meal if you are a guest in someone’s house? (Whereas in British culture, to leave a couple of peas on your plate after a hearty Sunday roast is regarded as a compliment to the cook: ‘No, really, Mrs Crimble, that was so filling, so fortifying, SO mouth-watering delicious, I thought I’d better leave some room for your legendary sticky toffee pudding!’).

And are you aware that in Poland to not generously tip a public toilet attendant is the equivalent of tying them to a chair and slapping them about the face hard and repeatedly with a filthy (hasn’t been rinsed out since the 1980 Gdansk riots) mop?

And what about in Spain where to come straight to the point in a business meeting is as unthinkable as wearing a Man United home jersey at the Pamplona running of the bulls.

Where is all this leading? To the best translators in the UK, that’s where: Appointments Bi-Language translators – translators with in-depth local knowledge – top professional translators who offer more than the ability to translate one language to another. Much more…

Translation, translation, translation…
When it comes to adding value to a client’s business, you simply can’t beat local knowledge. That’s why so many companies large and small across London and the whole of the UK, in fact, turn to Appointments Bi-Language first when seeking expert translation from a professional translator – a translator who is not only fluently bi-lingual, or even multi-lingual, but also knows a thing or two about local customs and tradition within the realm of business etiquette, and socially, too.

Translation from professional translators
At Appointments Bi-Language, we can supply translations into or from almost any language and covering a vast range of fields including technical, financial, legal and commercial.

All our translators are fully qualified and referenced – to ensure our credibly as the UK’s No.1 bi-lingual and multi-lingual translation services recruitment agency is maintained.

We also always aim to use a translator who has worked with us before.

Whether you require translation services for direct online website translations, legal correspondence, employment contracts, company newsletters or another type of translation project, we can supply the perfect person for the job.

We can also provide qualified interpreters at short notice.

Fast translation translates to increased business
Appointments Bi-Language has contact details for world-class translators in London always at our fingertips – translators who can provide the quickest translation turnaround times possible and at the most competitive rates.

Now THAT’S local knowledge!

For further information and assistance about our translation services, please e-mail: olga@appointmentsbilanguage.co.uk.

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