Meet our Recruitment Consultants

You have a vacancy you want to fill, but who are the best recruitment consultants to help you do so?

The most important thing to consider when trying to fill a vacancy is who is the best recruitment consultant to do that rather than the recruitment agency itself. You want to find a recruitment consultant who will look after you, and find the most suitable candidates to fill your vacancy. The best recruitment consultant for you could work at any agency and move around agencies throughout their career.

Ideally, you want to find someone who is responsive, has good personal communication and provides updates on the progress of your recruitment process.

Below is a list of our recruitment consultants who we’re positive will tick all of those boxes for you.

ABL Recruitment Consultants

Nicole Debson
I am the Founding Director and Lead Recruiter of ABL Recruitment, a market-leading multilingual recruitment agency. I have worked with thousands of incredibly skilled candidates from around the world, over 60% of the FTSE 100 organisations, and a wonderful team of consultants and translators who care as much about people as I do. Email Nicole.

Minal Gohil
I am a senior consultant with over nine years of recruitment experience. I have experience working with students, apprentices, graduates, both in-house and agency positions. My work spans various sectors, including Retail, Sales, Customer Service, Operations, Marketing, Management, Admin, HR, Project Management, Consultancy, and Finance. I recently obtained my Diploma in Recruitment Practice and am passionate about finding the best candidates for each role. I prioritize building long-term relationships with clients to ensure I find the right person for any current or future projects. Email Minal.

Thais Cacador
Recruitment has always been an exciting part of my life since university. I started out in my family business, then in the property industry and since 2021, as a Multilingual Recruitment Consultant at ABL. I’m passionate about assisting candidates in developing their careers and companies in achieving much more with the right team and strategy. There’s nothing better than making the recruitment journey more relaxed and joyful, and that’s the main reason that so many of my candidates succeed in super-challenging recruitment processes in Global companies. Email Thais.

Tiffany Ha
I am from Hong Kong and graduated in law from the University of Liverpool. I love language and speak 5 languages (fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin and basic Korean and Japanese). After moving to London with my family in early 2022 and I joined ABL Recruitment in May of the same year. At ABL, I specialize in hiring Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking positions. I’ve successfully placed positions such as Head of HR, Head of Finance and Company Secretary within 6 months of joining the Company. Email Tiffany.

Tanya Khan
I am a passionate powerlifter with seven years of experience in the sport. Through discipline and hard work, I have achieved significant personal milestones and developed a deep understanding of fitness and wellness. Recently, I transitioned into the recruitment world, joining ABL to help people find meaningful careers that align with their values and aspirations. I am driven by a desire to make a positive impact on others. My unique combination of physical and mental strength gives me a valuable perspective on personal growth and development. Email Tanya.

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