Making the best of this quarantine with these quaranmemes

Listen, we appreciate just how serious the coronavirus is, it’s scary and leaving so many of us feeling a little frightened, confused and feeling uncertain.

It’s easy for us to fill our days with dread and waiting, but it’s not something we should be doing. Now is the time when we all need to do our bit to keep up the morale of those around us and keep things as normal as they can be in this time of upheaval.

The one comfort we seem to have found is of the people of the internet trying to raise spirits and may we just say, some of them hit it nail on the head.

Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh and take precaution. So if you, like us, have been scouring the internet for some light relief from the doom and gloom of the news, we’ve got you covered. We did some…ahem…research and present to you our favourite memes to describe life right now.

  1. A simple misunderstanding.
  2. Generally how the whole world is probably looking right now.
  3. Grocery shopping has never been more exciting.
  4. A new entry for one of life’s greatest questions.
  5. We believe it!

  6. There’s a method to his madness.
  7. Time to invest in some really good moisturiser.
  8. The same can be said for coughing in public!
  9. We just can’t with this one!
  10. Whenever you can insert a Kanye meme in, you know you’re winning.

We hope you got a good laugh from those hilarious memes. Have better ones? Comment on our post and send us your favourite ones so we can share the laughter around.

ABL Recruitment team