Is there still a seat at the table for headhunters?

The explosive growth of LinkedIn’s recruitment tool has changed the shape of traditional recruitment forever. Add in the rise of other emerging technologies – plus new competitors – and you may be left wondering if there’s still a place for headhunters in the talent search mix. Like travel agents and insurance consultants before them, are headhunters heading for the obsolete pile?


Not according to… In a recent article exploring these questions, it concludes that specialist, expert recruitment consultants who consistently prove their value will always have an important role in people talent search. For a quick stroll through the key points, please read below.

– Many companies have decided to recruit directly for high-level positions, without employing the services of headhunters. Some are even turning to management consultancies to help them source talented business leaders.

– Recruitment specialists are putting up a strong defence, arguing that only they can offer profound knowledge of candidates based on thorough, expert vetting processes. Using their services also avoids the potential conflicts of interest that can arise when working with alternative matchmaking services.

– Co-operation – rather than competition – dominates the current talent search landscape. Management consultancies are working with their corporate clients’ recruitment partners and in-house HR teams to fill senior open vacancies. LinkedIn welcomes corporate recruiters, search firms, and recruitment agencies with equally open arms.

– The article predicts that – as new generations of C-level directors join the board – the internet is likely to become the go-to matchmaking tool for senior positions in particular. Companies will retain only the highest-quality, specialist recruitment advisers to support their recruitment drives. Relationships that don’t deliver value will fall by the wayside. Pressure to prove the long-term value of new leaders – as well as how much of their success is due to the matchmaking expertise of recruitment specialists – is also set to increase.


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