HR leaders have a valuable voice in company-wide goal-setting for 2023

Many employees are busy penning their New Year’s resolutions. Many others, mindful of how the best of intentions tend to fall by the wayside by mid-January, are choosing not to do so. What if the HR community shared its experience on how to make goal-setting successful with all departments? According to, HR professionals have much value to add on this matter.


For a quick synopsis of the article’s recommendations, please read on.

  1. Make the goal-setting process dynamic and continuous. New challenges and opportunities emerge constantly so reviewing and resetting company goals at New Year only doesn’t make sense. HR leaders should make a point of reinforcing this idea company-wide, and train new recruits to look beyond traditional timelines.


The business landscape is constantly evolving so department leaders should regularly review the reasoning and assumptions behind their objectives and evolve their goals accordingly.

  1. If you want others (as well as yourself) to get excited about a goal, ambitious aspirations are essential. It’s far more exciting to picture the glory of completing a marathon than finishing a 5K training session. Being bold and ambitious is motivating and inspiring. It also demonstrates that you are confident in your team’s potential to realise big outcomes.


That said, it’s also important to celebrate the small victories achieved along the way. Short-term wins build and sustain momentum while also creating learning opportunities.

  1. Secure buy-in from all staff by involving everyone – from all levels of the business – in the goal-setting process. Ask all your employees for their input on goals that need to be set, dismissed and/or adjusted. The exercise also serves to make goals that are more realistic for each team. So while the leader sets the aspirational goal, employees have a say in how this aspiration is translated to quantitative targets.


Note also that, for goals to feel meaningful, they must explicitly relate to the company’s broader mission. This is particularly important to Millennial and Gen-Z employees. So keep asking your teams how their goals support company values and further its mission to reinforce the link.


There’s no silver bullet to successful goal-setting. But HR leaders can do much to help their colleagues in this matter by sharing the practices that tend to inform their goal-setting, as outlined above. Their input could prompt even the most reluctant goal-setters among us to put pen to paper… and help us to realise our ambitions inside and outside the workplace.


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