Clear your diary – we need to get some work done!

There’s a new productivity tool in town and it’s been canceling work meetings all over the shop. Or at least dramatically reducing them in number and length. Seemingly, our efficient little friend has been getting some great results.


Please read a recent article in the Wall Street Journal to find out more, or see our summary of the key points below.

Thousands of hours are lost to work meetings every year and workers’ productivity takes a big hit. Working from home – as necessitated by Covid – is in large part responsible. Staff – keen to show their bosses how much they were achieving remotely – and bosses – equally keen to check up on them – saw the time they spent at meetings skyrocket.

Now that we’re mostly all back at the office, workers have realised the error of their ways. No longer willing to let productivity fall victim to their (and others) insecurities, they have taken a step back to reassess the way they work. And their conclusion? They want to be freed from the clutches of ‘meeting overload’ so that they can, well, get on with their jobs. Enabling their colleagues to do the same…

Companies of all sizes have taken drastic action, ranging from implementing meeting-free days to capping the amount of meeting time allowed on certain days and eliminating group meetings entirely in favour of small news-sharing videos.  

Finding ways to boost productivity – including eliminating ‘meeting overload’ – has become all the more urgent in the context of shrinking workforces.

If productivity is the name of the game in the modern workplace, isn’t it time we all paid attention to the new rules of play? Whatever the composition of your work productivity tool kit, re-imagining the importance of work meetings is clearly timely.

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