Positive ways the world has responded to COVID-19

What a stressful time. You feel it, we feel it, the whole world feels it. 

We felt that the part we are able to play is to open this chain of communication, not because we want anything from you, not because we want to hound you with services and offers or even because we just felt like it. We opened up our blogs because we wanted to help in spreading positivity, giving you, our friends, an opportunity to continue learning, open you up to the world of self-development, self-reflection and really give you the chance to just disconnect somewhat from all the crazy news and hysteria.

We say this because our pledge is to reduce the number of COVID-19 articles and posts we put out. With that out of the way, we felt it was so important to praise the positive things that have happened during this time. To simply put it, people are amazing and they should be celebrated.

A side note to all of our ‘front liners’. Those amazing unsung heroes who are saving lives, educating, caring, protecting, feeding us. Everyone who is risking their lives in order to help us all continue to live as normal as possible. Thank you to all those people who are making a difference.

Without further ado, we’d like to share with you, our favourite good news pieces that show some pretty amazing things people and organisations have done, for the good of the community.


Medical Detection Dogs
We had to start this first one with mans best friend because we are a huge fan of these four-legged cuties. A charity called Medical Detection Dogs – who is known for training these furry heroes to recognise diseases such as cancer, malaria and Parkinson’s, are now training dogs to detect the coronavirus!


The Butcher Bhoy
Next, we have The Butcher Bhoy in Norwich. Pub owner, Marcus Pearcey was quick to respond to the outbreak by at first temporarily closing his Irish pub in order to protect his staff. Whilst some of us may be fortunate enough to be safe at home, he then proceeded to think about those who are not fortunate enough to have a safe place. He has now announced that from next week, he will be partially opening his pub to homeless people who will be able to get free food, hot drinks, blankets and supplies.


Young People Cornwall
They are ensuring that young people have the support that they need, Young People Cornwall are running a live webchat for any 11 – 25-year-olds needing help. As well as one to one support, they are also running a number of live online activities to ensure that people have a way of engaging with others during these challenging times.


Supermarkets/food distributors/shops
We didn’t want to single anyone out here because we’ve seen remarkable collaborative working amongst many supermarkets, food distributors and shop. They have pushed aside competition in order to support people and do their part to keep us all going. We wanted to mention them because of how amazing it has been to see those who in an ordinary day would-be rivals, work together, for the good of us all. From increasing delivery slots, dedicating special times for front line workers, elderly and vulnerable people to be able to get what they need, all the way to putting in measures to ensure the safety of their staff.


This crisis has brought out the absolute best in many people, and that is why we’re confident when we finally get out of this, we will be stronger. So please, just remember to be practising good hygiene, listen to the advice you’re given by reputable professionals but most of all just be kind.


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