How to make your customers remember you

In the tough commercial world, competitors are rife and positioning yourself in the market can be difficult. Companies are quick to sell their best qualities, their unique selling points and insist that they are always the best choice to whatever needs you need fulfilling.

For example, ABL Recruitment takes pride in being a leading recruitment agency who have a strong pool of highly talented candidates and can help with all your multilingual and English-speaking roles you’re looking to fill. Sure, many companies can talk the talk, but how can you walk the walk?

You need to start by taking a long hard look at how you are ensuring that your customers remember you. That’s where we would like to help you.

We’re big fans of best practices. There is a best practice guide for almost anything, and slowly we’re trying to fill the gaps where more information is needed. For this particular article, we want to talk you through the basics of reminding the market of your companies’ presence.

To start with, how present are you online? The internet is the best way to reach out to the corners of the earth and is often the first place potential customers look on to do their research on you.

What does your online presence say about you? Constantly flooding social media channels with irrelevant information can also be quite off-putting. Social media channels for companies should be a mixture of light-hearted industry-related information as well as content about your company.

Communication is the key component to people remembering you. Spamming is a big no-no, but also ensuring that you are reaching out to warm and active clients as a way of showing that you are thinking of them. It’s also a subtle way of sending them a nudge as a way of saying ‘hello, we’re still here!’ Staying in touch is not only an excellent form of customer service done right but also a great way to clean up the data you have on your customer relationship management tool.

Is the information you are sharing with your clients, relevant and interesting? As previously mentioned, you do not want to spam people. Also, don’t assume that all of your clients will find the same information relevant. Is there a way to separate your subscription list? Whether it’s filtering by demographics, industry or job role, it may be worth looking at how you can make your lists smaller. This will enable you to provide better, more exciting content that is actually tailored for the right audience.

One more basic tip is about making your communication more personal. What are you providing your clients with that adds value to the services you provide? How is your relationship with your client? Making things a little more personal can make people feel less of a number more of a human which makes for a much better working relationship.

Remember, at the heart of staying relevant in the market; you must know your brand identity and your commitment to your clients. You need to know your identity as a company because if you aren’t clear, how will your customers know what you stand for?

If you have any other tips, please feel free to share with us by commenting below! We’d love to hear from you. If you want more advice, including examples of how you can remind your clients of your presence, let us know.

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