Advice from the Coalface – should you target positions that are 100% on-site, or remote?

Surveys repeatedly tell us that the majority of workers want to follow a hybrid working model for an improved work/life balance. But is everyone suited to working from home two to three days a week? 


Here are some tips to help you evaluate the options:


100% on-site positions

Some roles and industries simply can’t function with any degree of remote working, e.g., hospitals, delivery services, and restaurants.


100% remote positions

100% remote positions are only possible when the job can be done completely online and from anywhere in the world, as is often the case for administration, marketing, design, consulting, finance and IT roles. These types of position are generally best suited to people wishing to work part-time for more than one company.


Many people’s personalities are not suited to working full-time from home. The lack of regular human contact makes them feel lonely and demotivated. Sometimes personal circumstances such as the presence of young children and lack of a dedicated work space prevent them from working efficiently.


Hybrid working

The hybrid working model is by far the most popular option among workers due to the flexibility and good work/life balance that it affords. The two main factors which determine its success are:


– The individual’s personality and personal circumstances

Are you a motivated, self-starter that can work autonomously? Do you have the equipment to do so, e.g., a stable internet and a Zoom account? Do you have a dedicated workspace, where you can separate yourself off from distractions? And are you disciplined about ‘turning off’ at the end of the working day?


– The importance the company (and your line manager) places on regular communication

High quality, regular communication between team members is as essential for remote working as it is for its on-site equivalent. This ensures that regardless of location, projects are constantly progressing in the right direction.


Virtual meetings also foster a good team spirit, high morale and a sense of a common purpose, regardless of your location. They offer a regular opportunity for you to be seen and your accomplishments to be recognised, which is essential for career progression whether you’re working from home or on-site on any given day.


In terms of well-being, work/life balance, career progression and productivity, the hybrid model is desirable in most cases. A good recruiter will be sure to help you evaluate all the considerations impacting what’s right for you as an individual.


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