How to keep active at home

We’ve made it our mission to provide you with all the entertainment and information you need to make your time at home more productive (should you be based at home). With an endless supply of activities you can do, sometimes it can be quite an overwhelming choice. The one thing many of us struggle with is the ability to remain active, particularly when we need to stay indoors. Just because it can be hard doesn’t mean it is impossible, in fact, thanks to the internet, it’s becoming an easier thing to do.

Yes, we may have space or lack thereof that works against us. Honestly, even some light exercise can be done in a small area inside. If you have access to the internet; you should be able to go on to Youtube and find many videos that give you instructions on how to exercise at home. You can even use what you already have at home to make the exercises more challenging.

Many fitness videos nowadays range from beginners to experts, so even if you’re not able to go to the gym, you can still do your work out in the space that you have. Don’t forget there are lots of apps you can also download for free to be able to make a competition out of working out with your friends. The best part is you can do that without having to work out together. Social isolation heaven!

From using water bottles as weights to the edge of the bed for support, having a home gym is readily available to us. You have to be a little creative!

Being active doesn’t just mean exercising. Doing things around the house is also an excellent form of productivity. Give your home a spring clean. Sort out your wardrobe, spring is a matter of days away so it might be time to switch out the thick woollen clothing for something warm but a bit lighter. What about that picture you’ve been meaning to hang up for the past year? How about you go ahead and put it up, it might just add that brightness to your space.

As any adult knows, there’s always plenty of stuff to do at home. You can write yourself a list of those pesky tasks you didn’t have time for before. Now you don’t have to commute as much; you should be able to get them done while maintaining a productive work schedule.

Then there’s keeping our minds active. Easily overlooked and if you’re not careful can be forgotten! It’s vital to our sense of self that during times where we’re cooped up, we are still actively looking for ways to stimulate our brains. Why not take up reading? Writing or even doing a jigsaw puzzle? That might not be for everyone but find a way to keep your mind going and active, it’s good for your health and brilliant for your mental health.

The critical thing to remember here is that keeping active, whether physically and/or mentally, is a good way of keeping your life normal and engaged.

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