What workers really want

Covid has unlocked a whole new set of employee expectations. Employers need to be attentive to these growing demands to attract and retain top talent in today’s fiercely competitive market. For a whistle-stop tour of job seekers’ current top five demands, read on, or click through to the full article here.


  1. Personalised flexibility

Remote work is here to stay. The flexibility to do so regularly fuels employee satisfaction and performance. But blanket flexibility programmes fall well short of the mark. Flexible working needs to be highly personalised to attract and retain today’s star workers.


  1. Corporate responsibility

People’s appetite for corporate responsibility is at an all-time high. Increasingly, they choose companies whose values are proven to align with their own. In response, employers need to up their corporate responsibility game and they need to shout about it.


  1. Deeper, more caring connections

We’ve given our employers unprecedented access to our private lives via Zoom, and we now expect a more meaningful connection with them in return. We want them to show authentic interest in our personal lives. Employers who deliver will see our performance levels soar.


  1. Investment in transferable skills

Digital transformation necessitates regular up-skilling, and employers need to commit meaningful resources accordingly.


  1. Communication and transparency

Frequent, genuine communication and transparency are essential to business success. Millennials in particular tend to want continuous feedback and guidance. And we all want authentic, regular communication from our leaders to be motivated and inspired.


Clearly, there are challenges ahead to ensure that we meet job seekers’ growing expectations. But these are exciting times and there are many tools in the HR toolkit. With careful planning and a strong sense of purpose, the HR industry is well equipped to deliver.


If you’d like some help with the recruitment element of your challenge, please get in touch. With over 30 years’ experience in the field and a vast pool of qualified, talented job seekers on our books, ABL is in the strongest of positions to help.