How to get noticed at work for the right reasons

Ever feel like your boss doesn’t notice all the hard work you put in? Suspect he or she doesn’t realise the key part you have played in your team’s successes over the last few months? Sometimes our contributions pass unnoticed, causing feelings of frustration and resentment plus career stagnation.


Help is at hand! The Reader’s Digest has put together a list of attributes and behaviours that managers notice and value in their subordinates. Please read on to discover the first five of the ten items flagged up as important, proceed to work some of them into your working day, and prepare to shine!


  1. Take ownership. Step up to lead a challenging project and put your hand up when something in your remit goes wrong. Either way, knowing that you’re taking responsibility for a given process, relationship or project means your boss has one less thing to think about. And he or she will be grateful.
  2. Ask questions. Sometimes, in a flurry of haste, the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of tasks goes unaddressed. If you’re the employee who enquires about the bigger picture, your manager will appreciate it. Everyone will work ‘smarter’ if they know what they’re aiming for.
  3. Don’t pretend you’ve always got the answer. If you don’t know something, or you don’t fully understand your task, ‘fess up!! Managers appreciate being able to trust their team. A key part of this knowing you’ll raise your hand for clarification when required.
  4. Be driven! Yes, Mummy was right – everything worth doing is worth doing well! When you consistently go the extra mile to deliver an outstanding result, your boss will be impressed.
  5. Take a break! If you make a point of stepping away from your computer to take a proper break at lunch, you’ll return recharged and full of va va voom afterwards. Your manager wants you to be as productive in the afternoon as you are in the morning. This is only possible if you take care of your well-being and have a proper brain break in the middle of the day.


For the second half of the list, please visit You’ll discover other behaviours – including body language, eye contact, how forward-looking you are, company loyalty and a growth mindset – that rarely pass unnoticed.


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