The real reasons UK workers are walking out the door…

It turns out that the driving force behind soaring UK job vacancies is preferential treatment of new hires. In a recent article published by The HR Director, this tops the list of grievances that prompt employees to quit. According to the article, the top three reasons that have triggered resignations in the last 18 months are:

– ‘Finding out that new hires were receiving better benefits packages than me’

– ‘Finding out a new hire was being paid more than me’

– ‘Having to take time out due to burnout’

Other reasons cited by employees included being denied flexible hours to accommodate last-minute commitments, such as childcare duties, and being contacted by colleagues out of hours. This suggests that businesses are expecting their existing employees to be increasingly available and committed, but that this commitment is not being properly recognised or rewarded.

The findings highlight the need for employers to have open conversations with staff about compensation and benefits. In the context of the Great Resignation, these conversations should extend to how people are coping generally with their level of work and responsibilities, as many inherit their former colleagues’ workloads.

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