How to gain respect in the workplace

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend just around the corner, this may just be the perfect moment to talk about respect. Despite all the storms that she has had to navigate over the last seven decades (or perhaps because of them), Her Majesty has managed to gain the respect of entire nations. What’s her secret?


If you haven’t got time to analyse her life story over 40 episodes of the Netflix hit series, The Queen, don’t worry. Thanks to a fascinating article published by Forbes,


you are but a quick read away from unlocking the secrets of how you can earn the respect of your boss. Whether that boss takes the form of your line manager, your CEO or multiple nations, these six tips could change the flavour of your career forever…


  1. Communicate frequently and effectively

Authentic, open communication lies at the heart of solid connections with your colleagues. It has the power to identify budding problems, resolve challenges of all shades and sizes, save swathes of time, progress projects efficiently and boost your personal visibility and status. Good communication is a vital component in your campaign for building respect in the workplace.


  1. Model integrity and be the team member everyone can count on

Respect confidentiality, honour your commitments and be the trusted team member that everyone can rely on. Deliver high-quality, accurate work on time and to brief. Keep the project objective front of mind and pay attention to the small print.


  1. Question the process and identify areas for potential improvement

Question the status quo. Identify processes that could be streamlined and propose new ideas that could potentially improve things. Ask for help developing alternative solutions when you need it. If you make a mistake, own up, find a solution and share your learnings with others. Ask your colleagues for feedback, incorporate it if appropriate, and thank everyone for their help.


  1. Actively contribute

Be proactive, take the initiative and deliver solutions, not problems. Add value well beyond the scope of your job description.


  1. Continuously grow professionally

Be an eternal student, committed to your personal and professional growth. Accept feedback (including negative) as a growth opportunity, and apply the lessons learnt. Work on adding new skills to your portfolio constantly.


  1. Bring energy, enthusiasm and positivity to your work. Consider it as a mission within the wider goal of creating a better world/ company/ experience for everyone. Continuously demonstrate that making a difference to the lives of others is important and meaningful to you.


The article closes with a reminder that while earning the respect of your boss and others is vital to career progression and well-being in the workplace, ‘at the end of the day, the person whose respect you need the most, is your own’. Hear, hear!


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