How to be a good boss

We’ve all got the best of intentions when we get promoted. From the dizzy heights of success, we resolve to work hard, try our best and be a really good boss. Right? It’s relatively easy to place a big tick against the first and second of these ambitions, but what of troublesome number three?


Being a good boss doesn’t come naturally to all of us, nor do we all have the opportunity to receive training. For a fascinating and informative article on the subject published by, please click here. Or read on for a quick synopsis of the eight tips listed:


  1. Set reasonable objectives. Focus on managing the flow of your team’s workload, so that it’s realistic for people to achieve their individual (and team) goals. Everyone will benefit from the satisfaction of achieving their objectives. And you’ll put a skip in the walk of Productivity, Motivation and Performance as a result too.


  1. Lead instead of dictate. Earn your authority by inspiring others to greatness. Help everyone to connect with team objectives so they assume ownership, feel empowered, and take pride and care in their work.


  1. Accentuate the positive. No one thrives under a bombardment of constant criticism so, as the great motivator Tom Hopkins says, “Keep your eyes open and try to catch people in your company doing something right, then praise them for it.”


  1. Scrutinise your own performance. Nothing will inspire your team more than seeing you identify your weaknesses and consciously work on them. Plus every time you succeed, the entire team benefits.


  1. Invite others to solve problems to boost a sense of empowerment and ownership. If a team member doesn’t want to help for the collective good of the team, find a way to motivate that person or remove him/her from the team.


  1. Listen more than you talk. Encourage your team to think for themselves. Let them explore the problems and find their own solutions. Listen to make sure they don’t get too far off-track and be grateful (publicly and privately) for what you learn in the process.


  1. Pick your battles. Don’t fight every issue or everyone will become battle weary. Direct your efforts to where you will have the most impact. Otherwise, empower your team to fight their own battles. The process may take longer, but it will provide many learning opportunities for all.


  1. Make it personal. For most people, work is a means to an end. It supports their life outside the office. Be mindful of this, and generous with your gratitude and praise, to boost everyone’s sense of well-being both in the workplace and beyond.


We hope that the above tips were of interest to you and your teams as you (and potentially they) go about the important task of being a truly great boss. Happy Bossing and Happy Being Well-bossed from ABL, your trusted multilingual recruitment partner!