How to ask your boss if you can WFH permanently

Since the pandemic hit, remote working has transitioned from being a nice-to-have to a must-have for many workers. In a lot of cases, it’s not just about not wanting to give up the work/life benefits of working from home. A move out of town or new caregiving responsibilities may mean that resuming the traditional nine-to-five is simply impossible. Whatever the reason, if you’re planning to ask your boss for permission to work from home permanently, you’ll need to be well prepared for the conversation. No matter how you frame it, it’s a Big Ask.


In a recent article, Time Magazine claims that how and when you raise the matter can make all the difference. Read on for its recommendations on how best to tackle the challenge.


Put your well-considered proposal in writing so that key decision-makers can easily share it. Detail the reasons behind your request and your expectations about how WFH will positively impact your work. List all possible objections and outline your counter-arguments. Underline your self-drive and sense of responsibility. Refer to how you’ll remain accessible to your teammates, prioritise communication and maintain workplace culture.

Be clear on the areas where you can be flexible. Your employer needs to know that you’re willing to compromise in some areas because your work, team and company are important to you.

Time your request well. If you’ve been at your company for a long time, the chances of your request being met with success are good. But if you’ve only recently joined or are about to do so, you’ll need to think a little harder about your strategy. You’ll also need to be transparent about your intentions as early as possible to avoid wasting anyone’s time or forcing a rush decision.

Ultimatums can work but only if handled correctly. If working on-site genuinely isn’t an option but you love your job, make sure that you highlight this to your boss. Ideally, have a new remote position lined up in case the conversation doesn’t go your way.


If your request is met with a refusal but your heart is firmly set on permanent remote working, get in touch with ABL. We have in-depth expertise in sourcing great career opportunities across all working models – remote, on-site and hybrid. We’ll find you your next dream job quickly and we’ll help you to nail the interview. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and let us do all the legwork for you.