How European Are You? Take our quiz!

In the last month we have seen the bonds that hold Europe together become even tighter as France and Germany push for heightened Fiscal integration of the Eurozone and as the continent as a whole unites to compete with the US and the East.

But just how ‘European’ are you? Below you will find our highly scientific test designed to find out whether you are at one with our continental cousins or just another introspective islander.




1)      What is the longest river in France?


2)      What is the most northerly capital city in Europe?


3)      In what year was Germany unified for the first time?


4)      What is the Finnish word for Finnish?


5)      In which country did famous artist, engineer and polymath Leonardo Da Vinci die?


6)      Which is the country with the smallest population inEurope?


7)      How many countries are there in the EU?


8)      Name the 4 European countries that use both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets interchangeably


9)      How many countries are there beginning with the letter ‘H’ inEurope?


10)  Excluding the Vatican City which is the most Catholic country inEurope?


11)  The Euro is by far the most-widespread currency in Europe but how many others are still in circulation as of 2011?


12)  In which European country might you find Mount Tariq?


13)  In which country would you find the southernmost piece of land in Europe?


14)  In which city is the tallest building inEurope?


15)  Which of the following countries has the largest landmass? –Romania, Poland, Denmark or Spain?


16)  In which European country can you vote from the age of 16?


17)  Which is the largest European airport in terms of overall size?


18)  Which country has the internet domain name .ch?


19)  Which European city has the most rainfall? 81.7inches per year


20)  Excluding Kosovo, that has yet to achieve complete recognition by the UN or other international bodies, what is the youngest country in Europe?



15-20 – With such a supreme knowledge of our continent you are a viable contender to replace Hermann van Rompuy himself.


10-14 – Pretty impressive – you’re someone who likes your cucumbers straight and your bananas not too bendy.


5-9 – With a score like this one wonders whether you were even aware that the rest ofEuropewas there…


0-4 – Your world ends with the white cliffs; beyond is not worth knowing about. You are probably wearing Union Jack underwear.











1)       The Loire which stretches 1012km from the Ardèche to Saint Nazaire.
2)      Reykjavik
3)       1871
4)       Suomi
5)      France
6)      Vatican City with approximately 900 inhabitants
7)       27
8)      Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Moldova
9)       2 –Hungary and Greece, which is officially known as the Hellenic Republic
10)   Malta whose census shows the country to be 98% Catholic
11)    16 – The British Pound, the Turkish Lira, the Swedish Krona, the Russian Rouble,  the Romanian Leu, the Polish Zloty, the Norwegian Krone, the Latvian Lat, the Lithuanian Lita, the Icelandic Krona, the Hungarian Forint, the Estonian Kroon, the Danish Krone, the Czech Koruna, the Cypriot Pound and the Swiss Franc
12)   Britain! It is the original Arabic name from which the wordGibraltarwas corrupted
13)   Greece, on the island of Gavdos
14)    Currently the City of Capitals Tower in Moscow, but as of May 2012 it will be The Shard, London.
15)   Denmark, as it includes the immense island of Greenland
16)   Austria
17)   Paris– Charles de Gaulle
18)   Switzerland
19)   Bergen in Norway with over 81.7 inches a year!
20)   Montenegro, which separated from Serbia by plebiscite in 2006