Hopping on the Easter break to avoid burnout

Happy Easter for next week! You’re doubtless very busy and you may be thinking that the last thing you need right now is a long weekend. But spare a thought for the risk of potential burnout if you and your colleagues don’t embrace the opportunity for a well-earned break. Consider the associated risks of a decline in work quality, reduced productivity, higher error rates, workplace resentment, and an overall reduction in performance.


Now take a deep breath and thank your lucky stars for public holidays! According to Inside HR , public holidays such as Easter present a great opportunity for us all to rejuvenate our spirits, restore our morale and return to work with renewed energy and va va vooom afterwards! Here are the key points from the article:


– Switching off from work at regular points throughout the year is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries and keep stress and burnout at a distance.


– You can set employees up for success by reminding them to submit their leave requests in plenty of time and accompanied by a plan. Their plan should list what needs to be progressed in their absence, who could potentially assume the responsibility, and what can be shelved until their return. Combined with the promise of boosted productivity, and renewed energy and enthusiasm once they get back, what’s not to love?!


– Bear in mind that if you refuse requests for additional days off around public holidays, there’s a risk of leave being taken anyway in the form of absenteeism. Just saying…


In short, embracing the opportunity for a long weekend over a public holiday, or extending it a little on either side, delivers many benefits both on a personal and a business level. Checking out from work for a while to focus on other things has significant health and well-being benefits for employees. And when they return to the office full of renewed verve and enthusiasm, everyone benefits from their improved productivity and performance.


However you’re spending your Easter break this year, the team at ABL, your trusted recruitment partner, wishes you a fabulously fun and resoundingly restorative time! Enjoy!