10 legal points you need to think about when employing








1. The first thing to consider is, of course, what kind of employee you want to take on. Do you need permanent staff, temporary staff, fixed-term contract staff, adhoc workers, apprentices or young people? Each comes with its own set of restrictions and employment law.

2. When employing individuals with language skills and in-country knowledge, you will need to ensure that your employee is eligible to work in the UK. When helping you find the most talented bilingual people, we will do these checks for you to make sure each person you employ has a valid visa and work permit.

3. When searching for the ideal candidate you must be careful not to discriminate on any grounds such as gender, age, race, sexual orientation, religion or disability as this is unlawful. We can help you create a fair, non-discriminate job description and advert

4. After agreement has been made to employ, you must provide a statement of that employment within two months of your new employee starting their new job with your company. The contract should include salary details, working hours, holiday entitlement, disciplinary and grievance procedures

5. We gather information on your behalf to help with Tax and National Insurance in the early stages of

recruitment however you will need to consider the legal requirements of minimum wage, pensions, sickness entitlement and deductions in line with your own contract

6. You are legally obligated to provide fair working hours, resting time and holiday entitlement. We always advise candidates of these early in the recruitment process in accordance with your own contract to ensure they know what to expect from working for your company

7. Whether you offer the statutory allowance or additional pay, all employees are entitled to time off for maternity or paternity. We can advise you on what the thresholds are and the expectations for each type of employee in accordance with the law and marketplace

8. Diversity and equal opportunities are the backbone of our business. It’s not just our policy – it’s where we specialise. By understanding the nuances, perspectives, strengths and experiences of people, industries and markets throughout the world, we can anticipate and advise you on what you need to do to successfully fill a role or work in a job with foreign requirements. We are an approved employer by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and can advise you on diversity and equality if you need guidance

9. It is your responsibility to ensure your work environment is safe for employees, to protect you and them from physical harm or financial concerns down the road. It is important your company has up to date procedures, policies and insurances in place

10. Dismissal and redundancy can be a difficult and sensitive matter for employers and employees. The laws surrounding unfairness in these matters are very specific. Whilst we cannot advise you on specific case we can recommend people who can should you need help.