Here’s 10 tips to optimise your Linkedin profile for 2021 to attract new business opportunities and recruiters.

1. Headline headline headline!

Headlines are the first thing someone will see about you apart from your name, so forget your job title. Tell people who you are, and your personal USP in those 120 characters.

2. Sum up in your profile summary

Your headline is the first thing people see. The second is your profile summary. Make sure you fill this out with the keywords related to your industry as this will make it easier for people in it to find you.

3. Contact is key

If you’re looking for a new job, why not add your contact details to your profile? This will mean recruiters will be able to contact you easily and without a fuss!

4. Say cheese!

Remember, pictures tell stories. So many people use holiday photos or selfies taken by holding up their phone. And like it or not, first impressions matter, so consider getting a professional photo taken!

5. No silly email addresses

Don’t forget to make sure that your email address doesn’t seem spammy eg is much more professional than

6. Results are key

Most people talk about their work experience and responsibilities on their Linkedin. However, not all include their achievements. For example, if you worked in sales did you reach your targets every month? Did you win any awards? This tip can be applied to your CV as well.

7. Recommendations are recommended

Anyone can write a good Linkedin profile however, anyone can’t just get recommendations from colleagues or previous bosses. If you get these they will provide legitimacy to your profile and support what you have written on your it. Tip: if you do this for other people they may be more likely to recommend you!

8. Grow dat network!

Fundamentally, Linkedin is a SOCIAL network. Grow your network by engaging with people and their posts. The benefits of doing this is limitless and will certainly increase your authority and credibility on the platform.

9. Be active and create your own posts

Recruiters love to see you’re active on Linkedin. When you share your thoughts about industries you build credibility and believability with your connections and people outside of your network.

10. Final checks ✔️

Do those final checks to make sure you’ve filled in your profile correctly and are posting without errors. Remember, your Linkedin profile is an extension of your personality, so make sure you treat it well and show your audience the best of you!


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