Looking for Graduate Careers and Jobs? Check This Advice

What’s driving graduates’ career decisions? – HR Magazine

With ever-expanding university debt, it can be hard not to worry about money. 93% of graduates rate base pay as an important or very important factor when considering a job.

Despite the current economic climate, it’s nice to see that graduate starting wages will be higher than expected, by almost £7,500 in some sectors, according to research from management consultancy Hay Group.

Follow your passions: What should I do when I grow up? – Gotham Gal

Even though it can feel like finding a graduate job with the right salary is almost impossible, it’s important to aim to do what you love.

In this blog post, Joanne, a mother of three from New York, gives simple advice from her own experiences; follow your passions while you are young. She was offered the perfect job with Estee Lauder, too late in her career, which she couldn’t take because it would quite literally fail to pay the rent.

10 hot tips for graduates – Rosie M Rogers

For some quick and accessible advice, here is a post from a straight-talking visual culture graduate from last year, who now works for the BBC. Rosie Rogers lists the 10 things she wishes she had known as a graduate on a job hunt.

Some good advice for graduates: “If you are skint, there is no shame in moving home to save cash. But set yourself a move out deadline before you kill your parents.”

It’s all about networking: a graduate guide to LinkedIn – Inspiring Interns

You may not have come across LinkedIn yet but you need to be on it. With a new professional profile created every second it is the business networking site to be on.

A guide gives simple information about how to create your profile, and make the most of professional networking.

Impress the boss … and the assistant – Give A Grad A Go

Interview advice usually consists of the same key principles; research the company, read up on your interviewer, think about your answers and prepare some questions of your own.

But have you heard this one before? “As soon as they enter the parking lot, job seekers should be on their best behaviour.”

This piece from Give A Grad A Go highlights how impressing all members of the company, such as the receptionist or the interviewer’s assistant, can impact an employer’s decision to hire you.

Be a confident job seeker and overcome shyness – Psychology Today blog

This blogpost has some interesting practical advice for anyone feeling nervous about an interview or networking situation. It gives tips about not over-analysing your performance, how to handle group interviews and ways to give your weaknesses a positive spin.

It also contains this cheesey yet wise line: “Remember, when you live inside your head, your head is the only information you’re getting- and it can be wrong.”

The top predictor of student success once you graduate – Growing Leaders

Another interesting read is this blog from author and motivational speaker Dr Tim Elmore. He argues the merits of emotional intelligence and suggests that being able manage emotions is more important than IQ scores when it comes to success.

It’s easy to become focused on predicted grades and degree class, but this post highlights that, in the workplace, people skills and managing emotions will get you just as far.

Taken from The Guardian: 01.08.11