Four key benefits to hosting company social events and celebrations

If you’re in the midst of preparing a Halloween extravaganza at work, taking a moment to think about the reasons why you’re knee-deep in witch and vampire costumes might be a good idea. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.


By way of a reminder of why celebrating events at work is so important, please read a great article from HR Daily. According to the article, there are four main benefits, as follows:

1. Have a costume party. Ensure everyone is clear on what constitutes suitable attire or you may be inundated with buxom Wonder Women and men in tights! It’s usually best to avoid anything too provocative or which relates overtly to politics or religion. Have some basic extra costumes and masks on hand for employees flying too close to the wind or who forget their costume.

2. Order some spooky treats and distribute them via cauldron around the office.

3. Hold a pumpkin carving competition in the morning. Use the flesh to make pumpkin muffins for all to share in the afternoon.

4. Decorate the office with orange flowers, pumpkins, cobwebs, and bats.

5. Run a competition for the scariest Halloween office decoration or the spookiest haunted cubicle. Give each employee or team a small budget to purchase the decorations. Whether you run it as an individual or team event, offer great prizes to encourage participation. Count-the-sweets-in-the-jar contests are also popular in the office at this time of year.

6. If your team is hybrid or remote, hold a virtual Halloween-themed quiz. Split everyone into teams and write up some trivia questions. Set up a Zoom call, designate the host and invite everyone to participate with the promise of a great prize for the team with the most right answers.

7. Screen a classic horror movie in your boardroom. Distribute popcorn and soda drinks if it’s a daytime event. Add alcoholic drinks to the list if it’s taking place in the evening.

8. Rent a photo booth or make your own one, ensuring you have lots of props on hand such as masks, wigs, and face paint as well as a designated photographer. Encourage your employees to post on social media with your corporate hashtag.


In view of the above benefits, all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make company events successful is well worth it. Improved staff retention, engagement, cohesion, and morale are extremely valuable rewards for your efforts. Once the preparations are complete and the starting whistle has sounded, all that remains for you to do is to sit back and behold the fruits of your labour! Enjoy!


ABL, your trusted recruitment partner, wishes you a very Happy Halloween and many more truly worthwhile company celebrations to follow!