Career Change in 2020

New Year, New You: Tips for a Career Change in 2020


With the Christmas and New Year celebrations done and dusted, business as usual resumes for most of us. If we can rely on January for anything, it’s unfulfilled resolutions, frosty weather and a double dose of the blues. You may not be surprised to hear that for many people, January is also the season of itchy feet in the world of employment. A famously good time to reflect and reassess, it is when many start thinking of a new job.


“January is the peak month for job searching,” says Daniel Zhao, senior economist at Glassdoor ( “In January, there are 22 percent more job applications started on Glassdoor than in a typical month.”


With a career change on the top of many people’s list of resolutions, ABL present to you tips for a successful career change in 2020. To those weighing up their options, read on.


Start with a plan 

Whether it’s for a more generous pay packet, a more fulfilling role with greater responsibility, a change of scenery or simply a shorter commute, there are many reasons people seek change in the workplace. Because motivations are different for each person, it is important to create a plan that reflects your priorities and goals. Once you are clear about what kind of position you’d take the leap for, draw up a checklist for targeting desired roles by criteria. Ticking off the basics will help you decide if a position really suits your long-term aspirations.


Streamline your CV

When you update your CV, start at the top. Outline your key competencies, responsibilities and successes in your current role. CVs should be chronological, but that doesn’t mean you should include everything. Include what’s relevant or interesting and leave off the rest. Think concise and impactful. If you’re a strong candidate for the advertised role, you shouldn’t need much space to showcase your suitability.


“During a job search, hiring managers look at CVs for an average of five seconds before they make a decision on the candidate, so it’s imperative to include the impressive detail at the top,” says Andrew Challenger, vice president at Challenger, Gray & Christmas.


As well as your CV, you should work on your online presence too. Signing up to or improving your LinkedIn profile will open you up to many more avenues of recruitment.


Networking, applying and standing out

Start applying but be strategic. Familiarise yourself with the requirements of each individual role and tailor your application accordingly. The personal touch goes a long way to helping you stand out. Researching the role is key. A well thought out application will show you’ve really considered your own suitability and a more targeted approach will make employers take notice.


The New Year period is notoriously slow in some sectors, but you may be able to use this to your advantage. With fewer applications and enquires than usual being sent and received, this could be the best chance of making yourself heard. This goes for networking, too. Job seekers should take this time to network with new or existing contacts. Make it your resolution to reconnect or make new connections. make sure you’re letting those that you’re closest to know that you’re looking for a job. While it may not be an immediate consideration, they could have a connection to the perfect opening.


Whether you’re ready to take on a new role this year, or happy exactly where you are, here’s to your professional success in 2020. Happy New Year from all at ABL.