Why isn’t office tech as simple to use as your mobile phone?

Ever find yourself despairing over clunky interfaces, IT systems that don’t talk to one another and complicated signing-in processes? Workplace software can be frustratingly complex to use, leaving us wondering why-oh-why the experience can’t be as smooth and rewarding as the one we enjoy on our smartphones. The purpose of this article is to explore potential solutions, as put forward in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal.


According to the article, companies wishing to bring usability standards to the same level as consumer-facing technology need to adhere to four guiding principles:


  1. An IT system built with only one department in mind will frustrate users from other areas of the business, and they will find ways to avoid using it. For every user to have a positive, helpful, intuitive experience, all stakeholders need to be involved in the design process. And, since it’s an iterative process, continuous collaboration between technologists and employees will help ensure that everyone’s needs are satisfied.


  1. Employee-facing technologies – email, social networking, expense management and leave planning, etc. – should be integrated into a single platform. This streamlines processes, facilitates day-to-day activity, saves swathes of time and avoids frustration.


  1. Adopt a cloud-first, mobile-first approach to empower people from multiple locations to work together efficiently, effectively and in real-time. Making work more mobile and accessible from the cloud provides the speed, access and security necessary for such collaboration.


  1. AI coach bots can show employees how to get the most out of their technology tools, while also significantly reducing training costs and up-take time.


In short, employers need to rethink how they build their technology, who gets a say, and how they implement it. While the results may not be as intuitive as consumer tech, they will come a great deal closer, translating to more productive, more engaged and happier employees.


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