Are you using LinkedIn the right way?

The purpose of this blog post is heavily reliant on the fact that you have a LinkedIn profile already. If you don’t, then please go and make one, if you need help with how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out, let us know, and we’d be happy to help!

So, we begin, you’ve got your LinkedIn profile, well done! LinkedIn is the hub of all professional networking and can make such a difference to your job search and even current job. While anyone can create a profile, not everyone knows how to use it right.

Please note this blog post is not about how to set up your LinkedIn profile, though if you think that would be an exciting topic for us to cover then let us know! This blog post is to give you the necessary knowledge to start using it properly.

Not only is LinkedIn for professional services, but it’s also a great way to socially network with companies and people who you may want to link within a professional sense. Think about networks that are beneficial for you, your company and your role. Do your LinkedIn research and look at companies that interest you. In the future this will be handy when you come to looking for a new job, sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Be friendly, be polite and instead of willy nilly adding everyone, be strategic when sending out invites.

Start from the beginning, look for connections you already know, such as friends, colleagues, previous employers. It’s good to get a good network on your profile because it will create a great hub of information for you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your current and ex-colleagues for recommendations. It’s so helpful for future employers to see the great work you’ve already done while being recommended for specific skills by someone who has worked with you before.

Read a lot of what is going on on-site. What are people saying on the top trending articles? When thinking about what you want to share, think about how news or information are presented and tailor your version based on that.

New job opportunities are rife on LinkedIn. Recruiters share their pool of work opportunities, and companies also place any roles they are trying to fill on there for their followers. Keeping up with LinkedIn trends isn’t just crucial for implementing on your profile, it is also something you should be aware of. Best practices online are good to follow to show your level of professionalism, remember that LinkedIn is, after all, often a workplaces first place to do their research on you.

A big no-no we want to remind you of is not to treat LinkedIn as you would Twitter or Facebook. This isn’t a social media channel; this is where you’re presenting yourself professionally. Think of it as a digital CV except a lot more interactive. Employers can and will look for you on the website and if you’re going to be on it at all, make sure you’re presenting your best self.

Be active, be heard, be seen. We’re not talking spam everyone until you start to get complaints. Quality is much better than quantity, so feel free to share things that interest you but also be mindful of your audience. Your profile is most likely filled with professional connections and not personal friends and/or family so think hard before sharing a funny meme that may not be appropriate on LinkedIn.

Finally, a great way to start using LinkedIn the right way is to interact with others, by that we mean is, while you’re doing your LinkedIn browse, share some posts, like other people’s comments. Be involved in the community you’re in, comment on other people’s posts, share your ideas. Be present on other people’s profiles, not just yours. Hopefully, if you follow these tips, in time, you’ll find your profile will have a boost in engagement.

Happy linking.

ABL Recruitment team