60% of employees from lower socioeconomic backgrounds feel excluded at work

According to the HR Director, just two in five employees from lower socioeconomic backgrounds feel included in the workplace. Only half feel safe to be open about their background. With 90% of employers saying they’re confident that workers from lower socioeconomic backgrounds feel included at work, there’s a major disparity between employees and employers on the matter.


The article, based on the findings of a recent Accenture report, also suggests that employees from lower socioeconomic backgrounds progress up the career ladder at a slower pace. One in five employees from low-income backgrounds are promoted once every three years, compared to one in four of their better-heeled colleagues.


Clearly, there’s still a lot of work to be done to tackle this important issue. With the profits of organisations focusing on improving social mobility being 1.4x higher than competitors that are less focused on the issue, unlocking the secrets to socioeconomic inclusion benefits both people and businesses.


Interestingly, the report found that more inclusive organisations have focused on five key areas:

– Trust and responsibility: individuals are trusted to take decisions and drive change

– Strong, attainable role models

– Anti-discrimination policies

– Flexible working models

– Openness and transparency: employees feel safe to bring their true selves to work.


It’s time to level the playing field. There are obstacles ahead, including changing enduring mindsets. But with C-level commitment to the end goal and the necessary resources in place, the HR community will doubtless rise to the challenge.


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