10 Secrets about Translation Services that Every Client MUST Know

If someone sent you a CV on Garfield paper and with a note scrawled on the back which said: ‘Do bins, hoover upstairs and buy choccy HobNobs’, what would you do?

And how would you react in a job interview if the interviewee came out with:

“What is it that you actually do at this company?”


“Why do you need references?”

Or how about:

“On the last translation job I did, I invited myself to their Christmas do and must’ve snogged the entire senior management! Do you know if this client’s parties are any good?”

Or even:

“I remember during a translation job last summer, my little boy played his trumpet down the phone when a client rang one afternoon! People love all that.”

A professional translator vs. a not-so-professional translator. Is it a fine line?

Appointments Bi-Language are masters at sorting out the truly professional translators from, well, the others. We know the secrets to separating the wheat from the chaff, and now we’re itching to share those secrets with you!

Are you ready for this?

Here we go then:

SECRET ONE: The professional translator has a strong linguistic background which includes formal training, qualifications and actual translation experience. The not-so-professional translator claims to be ‘a natural’ who learned their trade in the ‘school of life’.

SECRET TWO: The professional translator realises the importance of having an appreciation of cultural as well as linguistic knowledge – for their work to be truly accurate. The not-so-professional translator didn’t think of that.

SECRET THREE: The professional translator works at it full-time. The not-so-professional translator does not.

SECRET FOUR: The professional translator is polite and enthusiastic from the moment they first take your call. The not-so-professional translator sounds bored and are ‘doing you a favour’ – when you do eventually get to speak to them.

SECRET FIVE: The professional translator gives you a timeframe for the job and is clear on pricing and terms of delivery. The not-so-professional translator is vague about fees, appears to have no real experience when it comes to negotiating with clients, and is evasive about meeting deadlines.

SECRET SIX: The professional translator asks the appropriate questions and comes across as knowing how the translation service process actually works (from both their and the client’s perspective). The not-so-professional translator gives you an e-mail address to send the file to and regards the job as theirs.

SECRET SEVEN: The professional translator is always contactable during normal office hours. The not-so-professional translator is not.

SECRET EIGHT: The professional translator respects their client’s privacy. The not-so-professional translator reveals confidential information about a recent job they have worked on, thinking it makes them sound impressive.

SECRET NINE: The professional translator has a genuine love of their craft and this comes across in spades. They also have an interest in writing itself and immerse themselves in their projects from start to finish. The not-so-professional translator simply wants you to write them a fat cheque.

SECRET TEN: The professional translator is willing to listen to and learn from criticism. The not-so-professional translator becomes aggressive when confronted with the lacerating truth that the ‘service’ they provide translates to nothing more than shoddy work, missed deadlines, and, ultimately, lost contracts for clients who were in a desperate position and so felt they had no option other than to give them a chance.

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