Why it’s so important to bring positivity to the work place

Some say that if you put positivity out into the universe, you will receive positivity back.

Imagine having a hard day and then going home to what is meant to be your safe space, a place where you re-energise yourself and gain the momentum you need to contribute to your community and life around you. If you came home and was faced with a lot of negativity, would you feel like it was a place you could relax and recoup?

Chances are your answer would be no. Why? Because negativity is not the breeding ground for success and progress, it is a place for stress and worries. Therefore, in order to perform your absolute best, you must surround yourself with positivity.

We’re not here to nag you about the importance of positivity and all the good reasons why you should live your life that way. We’re here to explain why it’s so important in all our lives and how this can lead to success.

It’s so important to spread positivity, particularly in the workplace because fostering a good attitude and collaborative working can help improve productivity and morale. If you see a colleague having a particularly tough day, a simple response by acknowledging their struggle and assuring them you’re available to help goes a long way. One day you might find yourself in a situation where you’re the one having a tough day and it’s that same colleague, remembering your previous act of kindness who will return the favour.

Remember that people will often forget what you have said to them, but the one thing they won’t forget is how you made them feel.

Positivity goes hand in hand with being aware of your surroundings and doing your own small bit to tackle the negativity that can fill our workspaces sometimes.

A happy workplace makes for more enjoyable days, and seeing as many of us spend most of our time at work, wouldn’t we rather we were in a pleasant environment? Now that’s not to say you are not allowed to be sad. Frankly, life happens and can throw some serious curveballs to anyone so it’s unrealistic to say that you can never be the colleague feeling sad. What we’re saying is, every day you have a choice you’re privileged enough to make. Are you going to get up and dread the world and challenges you may face, or accept that it’s all part of the process of life and come what may, you will do your best to tackle the darkness with positivity.

So many choose to dread, but what kind of life is that? If we choose positivity, we exert positivity and slowly but surely that positivity bears with it the fruit of kindness, gratitude and self-worth. Be the positivity the world needs right now.

Is a colleague feeling down? Give five minutes of your time to listen to them. Is a customer feeling particularly irate? Take the time to find out why. Is your manager unusually irritable today? Spend the next few moments of your day bringing some light into the situation. Show you care, show your compassion.

Positivity in the workplace comes primarily from the employees, you have no idea how much of a difference it makes when you have colleagues wanting to lift each other up. Bank on it, use your time positively contributing to a harmonious workplace and you’ll be surprised how much better your workday goes.

If you live your life to spread positivity and lift others, you’re winning half the battle. So let us set you a challenge.

Today, try to be as positive as you can be. Meet every negative with a smile and genuine interest. Match every bit of positivity with an equally kind sentiment. Be positive and see how quickly those around you mirror the light.

ABL Recruitment team